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Monday, 22 July 2013

Sad to be Leaving

Sorry folks...we had a problem with Saturday 20th's blog...not mentioning any names but (Helaina!!! lol) forgot to save the word document in which Ginni had written it.  We'll see if we can get something out later...

Sunday 21st July
Today was our last day in Mkak village, so after having our porridge and condensed milk, which we were all begginng to enjoy... IT WASN'T RICE!!

We gathered the things we would need for the day and started to walk to the school. However, as it was a Sunday we were worried that there were not going to be any children at school, but as they spotted us walking up to school they ran over and followed us with their beaming faces, excited to spend another day with us.

When we got to the school we set up a rounders pitch and taught the children how to play, however, not sure how much they understood of what was actually going on, but they soon got the idea of hitting the ball and running. The main thing was seeing the smiles and the enjoyment they got out of it as it was obviously something they have never played before.

After playing rounders for a good few hours we decided to continue with construction as we also found this very rewarding once we completed a certain stage. We worked as hard today as we had for the whole week today to ensure that all the cement work and the wall we were asked to complete for the new classroom was finished. We were all so determined and wanted to make a difference to our short time which we had stayed in Mkak, and we all know how lucky we are back at home to have things like education given to us on a plate!! (Ed. and parents running around for us??? :-))

After having another filling lunch cooked by Wun, our cook, we headed back again to the school to finish the final bit of the construction. We put the school’s logo and name on the wall, with help from Gini (Ed. our resident artist) engraving (using a nail) it into the wall, it looked so good next to all the other sections of the wall!!

We then packed up all our belongings ready to leave early the next morning. Some of us felt particularly sad to leave the children, but knew we could always come back in the future!

Helaina Thomas

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