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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Fools in the Pools

27th July

Today was our second ‘acclimatisation trek’ at the Erawan national park. The park consisted of 7 waterfalls, which were different levels ascending up the mountain. Before we went to the waterfalls we had to make a stop off at a phone shop to buy a new phone which worked in Thailand. The shop keeper seemed surprised that we wanted the cheapest phone he had and that we didn’t mind it being a brick with only black and white (Ed. Oh how I miss those days!). After a little bit of confusion as the shop keeper was trying to make conversation about the birth of the royal baby and us taking a couple of minutes to try and understand what he was trying to say, we made a successful purchase and we made our way to the waterfalls in the taxis.

We began the trek at 11 and began our trip up the slippery slopes surrounded by jungle canopy. We made it to the top by 1 after some steep slopes and steps and stopped for a well deserved lunch break of jam and honey sandwiches, crisps and apples. Then we went for a dip in the first pool when we soon realised that we were not alone in the pool but we were sharing with lots of fish, who every few seconds would nibble on our legs which would be followed by a squeal and lots of splashing to try and scare away the fish, (especially from Gini;)) (Ed. C’mon girls they were ‘man eaters’ after all ;-)). After drying off and lacing our boots back on we started back down the slopes with a little more energy from the lunch but a little more nervous due to the slanting slippery wooden steps and rocks down. But there was no need to worry as Cliff guided us down the mountain and we all, I’m glad to say made it safely down.

On the way down we stopped off at two of the other waterfalls and pools where we jumped off the rocks into the pools and down natural slides in the rocks, which we all enjoyed thoroughly and agreed it was one of the best days so far! On returning from the trip we had a ‘World Challenge Lockdown’ planning session, where we made sure all our accommodation, transport and activities for the near future was sorted as we soon are to be going in to the jungle where it could not be done. Once the planning was done, all the girls went out for a group dinner at the Jolly Frog restaurant and then had a wonder round the shops to buy ice creams and bracelets. Overall everybody had a really good day and is looking forward to tomorrow.

Georgia Willows

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