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Thursday, 25 July 2013


25th July - And at last folks we're up to date!! Yeeha!

After a long day of travelling the previous day we decided to give ourselves a lie in and met for breakfast at 10 o’clock which suited us all much better! We had a quick breakfast in the hostel that we were staying at (New Joe’s Guesthouse), packed up our belongings and all checked out by 12 o’clock. All eager to experience as much of the Bangkok atmosphere as possible, we set off out into the city in groups to make the most of the time we had there.

After experiencing the vibrancy of the city the previous night, some of us almost expected the day time in Bangkok to be a bit of an anti-climax, but we were proven wrong. There were still just as many crazy tuk tuk drivers, bustling markets and bars booming out loud music as before, so much that you would probably never get bored in a place like this! We continued looking around the markets, checking out possible accommodation for our next visit to Bangkok in a couple of weeks time and trying out the local street food (Ed. some of the best street food in the world...and no one feeling ill effects). The time we had flew by and by 2.30 it was time to meet back at the hostel and jump on a bus to take us to our next destination, Kanchanaburi.

We had a 2 hour bus journey which seemed relatively short compared to the whole day in the bus we had spent the previous day! We arrived late afternoon and straight away were impressed with the location of our hostel with jungle and mountain views overlooking the river, some of us even lucky enough to have rooms floating on the river! (Ed. all risk assessed of course :-). However, not everyone was pleased with their rooms and justifiably so..The infestation of ants, which I’m sure is common out here, certainly gave those concerned a little bit of a blow....Funny though Ginni and Sophie were wanting to stay in a ‘grotty’ room just for the experience...Who says we don’t try our best to meet everyone’s needs) We settled in quickly, made arrangements for our outings for the next day and headed out into the town to find somewhere to have dinner. Once we found a place to eat in Kanchanaburi we were waiting for our orders when on the other side of the street we saw the other Royal School world challenge group (Ed. not the best group of course ;-))! We were all excited to see each other and lots of stories to tell and tips to give.

Annie Pope

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