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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

First Experiences

We've just  arrived back bacon Marrakech from our trek to the mountain but you'll here all about that later on.

On our second day, we met our guide, a man called Mohammed who has been a guide for seven years. Afterwards,we took a bus journey to the town of Imlil and our eyes laid upon our first campsite. Of course the first thing we looked for were the toilets, which were non-existant. Next was our first meal in camp, which to our surprise was delicious hot food served fresh from cooking. After lunch we took a "small" walk/mini trek around the town coming back full circle. Getting your footing was Definitely difficult as for many of us this was our first experience, but helpfully along the way we ran into a great group of American charity workers who gave helpful advice and encouraging words as they had already gotten to the top of the path. Well the little trek set our expectations high for the main trek, but on the way back we walked through a small-town engulfing us in Moroccan culture. The town was compact and seemed to have one road of shops, including cattle walking down the middle. From these shops we bought 32 large bottles of water, meaning  our bags became quite a bit heavier making the tiring walk back to camp more tiring.
Back at camp,we experienced our first night camping and it seemed to be a restless one as we sat in a circle and exchanged stories, accidentally disturbing the adults however it wasn't all down to us and halfway through the night, a man with a pick axe appeared, broke some rock and sent water gushing down towards the side of our camp site, he then rearranged the rocks and diverted the water away from us providing us with the sound of running water to fall asleep to.
That was our first experience camping :)

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