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Monday, 15 July 2013

Three Flights and 48 hours Later

Sorry for the delay folks there have been some IT difficulties. Currently as I am writing this, we are sitting in a pretty deserted airport in the middle of Thailand, lying on the cold stone floor, all pretending to be asleep. Its 9:30 am and our flight isn’t until 3 ... my “I’m tired and not impressed face” is the answer given to any question asked. We have now been travelling for over 24 hours solid, everybody is beyond tired, and has very little energy to get on another flight! The flight from London to India with Jet airways was of a much better standard than we were all anticipating which put spirits up, with a range of movies each, frequent offers of drinks and constant supply of food. We were given popadom like crisps as a snack with chicken curry for lunch and for dinner.... Chicken curry wraps! Bit repetitive and no where near as good as the local takeaway at home! However much to everyone’s delight they did give out vanilla ice cream for dessert. Unfortunately the novelty of this all quickly wore off as the flight was 9 hours long, and it seemed everyone (apart from Cliff) was having trouble sleeping. As strange as it sounds sitting down for a long time is very little fun, and we all want to get up and get busy.(However when it comes to day 5 of our trek we may all be saying the opposite!!!) In India it was very hot and muggy, and also smelt very different from home (IT STANK!) but luckily we only had a short stay and were quickly on our way to Thailand. On a map India and Thailand are very close, probably half a centimetre- ish. Much to our disappointment in reality it was another 4 hour plane journey, of sitting with little to do. Some of us felt a bit ill due to the lack of sleep kicking in, and 4 people ended up sharing one sick bag. Fortunately many did get a couple of hours shut eye, making the flight pass slightly quicker. We then found our rucksacks and then it was down to transport managers Annie and Maddie to get us to the next airport. They succeeded well and we all piled on to the shuttle bus, which only took an hour and brought us here now. As some sleep, others count the hours and Mrs Wentworth dances to Shania Twain, we wait for our next flight (in 5 hours) from Thailand to Cambodia. In desperation just to get to the hostel and get a decent night’s sleep to prepare for the days ahead. After all falling asleep on the floor for around 4 hours many were feeling refreshed... well sort of. We were finally on our way to Cambodia!! It was a short, hour flight and excitement levels began to rise as after a long tiring couple of days we have arrived! Yayyyyy and from here on it is all down to us! The first task was organising a way to get from the airport to our accommodation in the town. The answer we came up with-MOTORBIKE TAXIS! Just kidding it was tuk tuks!! (ED. No honestly they are motorbike taxi’s ). On piled four of us plus rucksacks and off we went. CULTURE SHOCK! Rules here seem to be a little bit different than home. Did you know you are allowed to drive on the pavement, driving on the phone is compulsory and its a must to cram as many people as possible on or in a vehicle, it also seemed a very fashionable item to have a mother and baby breast feeding. A 20min journey avoiding other cars, bikes and a parade got us to the “11 happy backpackers hostel.” We dumped our bags in our rooms and have come up to the roof top terrace for dinner, its 8:30 and still warm, loads of fairy lights keeping it light and a pool table for a quick game after dinner. We won’t be spending much longer here though as everyone is much looking forward to their bed!!! Night x Jaime Urquhart.

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