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Thursday, 25 July 2013

24th July

The normal 7am wake up for school is beginning to seem like a lie in as today was our third consecutive day of an early rise in order to get a 9 hour bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok. We were on the coach by 730 am and had reached the Cambodian border by 1230. We jumped off the coach and got in the queue for customs. Following this the whole group walked about 500m through ‘no man’s land’ and in to our new country. Once in Thailand we waited for our second bus to Bangkok. To say the minibuses were tight-squeezing would be a bit of an understatement however 5 and a half hours later we arrived in Bangkok.

Arriving in Bangkok at 7pm meant that the city was buzzing with atmosphere. The city was lit up and the streets were packed full of stall sellers who were selling all sorts of things from clothes to cooked grasshoppers and spiders. The whole team was eager to eat out in one of the many restaurants that were alive with music. The favourite meal of the evening amongst the team seemed to be Pad Thai. During dinner Cliff and the teachers decided to have some fun by setting each member of the team their own personal challenge. For those amongst you who imagine that these challenges are to be self reflective and meaningful I’m sorry to say that the challenges stretch from going up to another world challenge group and doing a ginger justice rap to doing ballet in the middle of the hostel lobby and of course a typical thing to do in Thailand, eat a scorpion! Whether these personal challenges are meant to be meaningful or just public embarrassment and the teachers own personal enjoyment is still being debated. (Ed. Hmmmm??? Lol)

After dinner we were all very tired after our long day so we made our way back to the hostel in order to get a good night’s sleep and a lie-in in the morning Yeeha!

Bethan Lance

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