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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Waterfalls and cool waters

With the poorly named Bamboo Paradise  (Ed. Actually it was ok but I think Jack has high standards) left behind, we travelled to the next town on our itinerary: Luang Prabang; yet another bus (4 hours.) We arrived and Mark and Brian sorted us out with some more sweet accommodation. Then we were back on the bus again to the bear conservation\waterfall. As we trekked through the jungle to the waterfall, we saw the bear enclosures all filled with rare camouflaging Lao bears as can be seen in the photo.        

We reached the waterfalls which offered incredible scenery and an opportunity to cool down in the cold pools. However, moving through the water was easier said than done, as edges of the pool were lined with razor sharp rocks and arm/skin eating fish (which were apparently all in my imagination), but Mr McMillan soon found out they were there when they started chomping on the scab he had on his shin. Jumping into the pool from the ‘jumping tree’ was enjoyed by all.  We left the falls and returned to our hostel for showers before we headed out for dinner. We ventured out into the town to find the night market, led suspiciously by Cliff, but, luckily it turned out he did know where he was going and we actually got there. (Ed. Folks we still have trust issues…We were told by some random local that the night markets were only 10 minutes away but in actual fact they were more like 25 minutes away, even I was starting to doubt myself lol). The night market was filled with a wide range of items from samurai swords to harem pants. I’d also like to take this moment to apologise to any of the parents who bought harem pants for their sons so they could “enter the temples” as I made this up, soz. (Ed. This was news to me too until I arrived in country, I have allowed the guys to think of a suitable punishment for Jack and his antics).  After we had finished at the market we returned to the Guesthouse for some much needed sleep in a nice air conditioned room.

(Ed.  Everyone is happy guys, we have a few a little homesick but no one wants the magic tick home…)

Jack Woods

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