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Friday, 15 July 2016

Travel Day to Siem Reap

Our last day in Laos started off with smiles on our faces because we got to lie into half eight (yes! that is a special treat for us now) although some of us had to be woken up again and again, luckily for me I had my husband Brian sleeping with me however, I am sure many of us including me, having distance memories of us sleeping into dinner time, as my dad use to say to me waking up shortly after 12.

Anyway we got up and did the norm (showered, dressed and packed) and ventured out for breakfast in our groups. My group decided we would go for some traditional food so we ended up getting two pizzas (Ed. Yes for breakfast folks!!!) between the four of us but thanks to my luck that was too good to be true, Brian mucked up the ordered and we only got one pizza which Theo and Brian devoured and left Jack and myself waiting to be told our pizza was never coming.

So with spirits low we left the restaurant and got our bags and left for the airport which we seemed to be slightly worried for reasons about how small it was and we contemplated if we’d make it alive to Bangkok. Despite this we headed off in buses enjoying the last look of the scenery in Laos and arrived at the airport where we had to go through security and all that again! Just before we jumped onto the plane we spent the last remaining group Kip (Laos currency) to buy coffee and ice-cream for those who wanted it.

For the next two hours we sat on the plane trying to decide what on earth the plane has given us to eat and trying to swallow coffee which just doesn’t taste like coffee. While sitting there closing my eyes trying to get some sleep the taste of what supposedly is coffee reminded me of my Nestle golden blended coffee at home (so mum, you better have the kettle on for me coming home). (Ed. I’m sure more requests will come from others soon).

After the first flight from Luang Prabang to Bangkok we had to endure a second flight from Bangkok to Siem Reap which was lucky enough to be shorter than the first one although Karl seemed to brighten up the day going through security when he was asked to scan his four fingers and instead held them up in front of the employee which gave us all a laugh. (Ed. He is now known as ‘Four finger Bell’)

When we left the airport we were greeted by the tuk-tuk men who our Guesthouse had arranged to bring us to the villa where we were staying, along the way we seen some spectacular hostels all lit up for the night. Just before we arrived at Okay Villa we turned into an alley way which got our nerves high (Ed. It was very dark when we arrived) and had Brian and myself sitting there sweating because we had booked that Villa, despite this we entered the Villa we were amazed by the level of detail in the wood and art work in the lobby.

At this stage it was around 9 and by the time we booked in and got to the rooms we had little choice but to go the bed and sleep from the exhaustion of travelling. Sleep didn’t come easily for some because some of the rooms weren’t what we were expecting but was all sorted out that morning and we were moved to the proper rooms where we enjoyed the pool on the top floor.  (Ed. And the group lived together happily ever after …)

By Mark Mclaughlin


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