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Friday, 8 July 2016

Last day of trekking, last day in Vietnam, and Devine whines about ‘Devine’s Whines’

Happy Birthday to me! Yes folks, it’s my 18th birthday today, and I volunteered to do the blog for our last day of trekking. After a more tasking trek yesterday, today was a mere breeze in comparison, with the path being mostly on road or gravel. The heat this morning was the hottest it’s been in Sapa so far, so sun cream and wide brim hats were a must! Initially we were going through some more of that dreaded mud we faced yesterday (Mr D’Arcy continued his love affair with the ground), but after crossing some suspect bridges (namely one made of a few branches) we came to the blissful gravel and concrete of normal roads. After more stalking from local saleswomen, we sat for lunch consisting of noodles and pork, with a mix of vegetables. George ‘Juicy thighs’ Robinson found his love for cats after a certain tabby placed itself on his lap at lunch, while the rest of us were busy having some fun talking to the Sapa saleswomen – after being asked his name, Brian Glover swiftly told the women that he was Martin McGuinness, and of course this went right over their heads. The final sprint to the finish was a leisurely stroll to the bus taking us back to the hotel, and although today was our easiest trek, everyone was more glad than ever to sit down and rest on the bus back to the hotel (admittedly I did fall asleep).

In response to Adam Eakin’s ‘Devine’s Whines’ of yesterdays blog, I would like to point out that he did whinge throughout the entirety of his blog entry, and that my whingeing has not been as bad as he says (in fairness to myself everything I did ‘whine’ about was true – admitted by Adam himself as I write this). I think he might be able to forgive me for complaining about three things in ten days.
As I write this we are sitting in the hotel before dinner, getting prepared for the gruelling bus journey to Laos. I would like to thank my family for sneaking the birthday card and messages into my pack – although I am having an experience of a lifetime I am missing my mum, dad, Carl, and Fiona loads (as the other boys will confirm).

On behalf of all the boys here I would like to congratulate Roger D’Arcy on his 50th birthday - Patrick is extremely sorry he cannot be there but sends his best wishes, and is looking forward to the celebrations that will ensue when he returns on the 19th. Patrick also hopes you enjoy Mauritius.

Aaron Devine 

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