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Friday, 15 July 2016

Chilling by the Pool and Tonle Sap

The day began waking up to much more comfortable accommodation, after Mark and Brian (the power couple) did a good job of upgrading our rooms from the dodgy and cramped wing at the back of ‘Okay Guesthouse’ to something more worthy of R&R (Rest and Relaxation). Breakfast soon followed on the roof top after a short lie in, most of us went for the ‘Special Sandwich’ which certainly lived up to its name, going down well with everyone. We now enjoyed some free time spent at the pool, some took this as a chance to try tanning, including our new found hero Mark that later turned out a little crisp to say the least! (Ed. They were all warned !!!  )

Around noon the group set off in our Tuk-Tuks, involving an extremely bumpy ride but none-the-less we had made it to the destination of ‘TonlĂ© Sap’ (Ed. Large Fresh Water Lake) . We cruised down the river, which is home to a floating village with 6,000 people living on the water in homes which either float with the use of barrels or are held up by wooden stilts as 80% of the local employment is in fishing. During the ride we were treated to a back massage from a couple of young boyos looking to make a few bucks, Jack ‘Dirty Ankles’ Woods giving a notable donation of $5 *Clap Clap*. At the half way point there was a floating bar which held 2,000 Catfish and 24 Crocodiles with the option of feeding them, Cheuk was persistent in making sure they had full tummies. I conquered a fear of mine by having a large snake wrapped around me like a scarf by the resident 8 year old snake handler for a small charge, of course. (Ed. See photos)

It was time to return back to the hotel for a power nap before myself and others engaged in a tense volleyball match with the Tuk-Tuk drivers, the visitors claiming a tight victory, thanks the valiant efforts of George, Eakin, Patrick, Robbie, Aaron, Bailey, Captain Cliff and I (keeping the INST flag flying high). Instead of the deserved Champion’s welcome, we were greeted by the rest of the gang sleeping by pool. 

Now on to the bustling night market; in the city of Siem Reap. Spilt up into our groups of four, for tea and possibly some gifts for back home, I was accompanied by Isaac, Bailey and Cheuk.  Bailey and I had the mentality of ‘go big or go home’ and so threw ourselves at new experiences, each munching on fried scorpions, tarantulas and crickets, standard! Followed by a 5 minute fish pedicure for a $1 but became 20 minutes as we were engrossed in a convo with some tourists from Bangkok.  Finishing up in an Asian supermarket, where we picked up some needed Western snacks. Once again Tuk-Tuks came to the rescue to get us back for an early night, watching some cartoon network with a big day, with an early (Ed. 4.00 am get up....Well for some in the group)  start for Angkor Wat (sunrise).

*;Shoutout to my flygirl, hang in there only 3 days to go x

Karl Bell

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