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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Long Live the King

Today our project at the school came to a grand finale.  In a way we were sad to go, in another; ouch.
 Unfortunately, the concrete that was so excellently laid down yesterday was damaged by the biblical storm. Not to worry, the skilful wizard was already there (Ed. Apparently from 5.30 am) to make repairs.  My group worked hard round the back of the classroom preparing old bricks for re-use. We were a little groggy after yesterday’s work, which could be seen from how, Karl phoneless Bell (shout out to Ems)<3 11="" a="" afia="" aft="" after="" against="" aglay="" aim="" almighty="" along="" amarillo="" and="" any="" are="" as="" at="" away="" back="" be="" before="" best="" bop="" breakfast="" brian="" brick="" built="" but="" caroline.="" chased="" clambered="" could="" course="" crowd="" day="" down="" energy="" explain.="" favourite="" fire="" for="" found="" from="" gang="" gcse="" glover="" great="" greatest="" griggs="" group="" hacked="" hand.="" happening="" he="" hence="" hits:="" hours="" however="" i="" ice-lollies="" impressing="" in="" is="" it="" jack="" king="" known="" laid="" last.="" leader="" led="" lenavon="" lunch.="" m="" macmillan="" mark="" mclaughlin="" meaning="" men="" mice="" misinterpreting="" motivation="" mr="" n="" nake="" narrow="" nbsp="" new="" nice="" night="" odds="" of="" old="" on="" once="" one="" or="" other="" our="" plan="" plans="" prevailed.="" pringles="" put="" red="" return="" ringlegate="" ross="" s="" seem="" skull="" some="" span="" stacked="" street="" streets="" student="" sure="" suspiciously="" sweet="" take="" tell="" thanks="" that="" the="" then="" this="" through="" to="" tried="" unfortunately="" up="" us="" vehemently="" very="" village="" wagon="" wall="" walls="" war="" warlike="" was="" way="" we="" were="" which="" will="" with="" wonderwall="" woods="" words="" would="">

We worked hard, and we feel like our efforts were rewarded with a glorious battle of Volleyball against The King and his local Men, with Captain Carson inviting one local gent to another war, in a sporting way, I hope, with Cliff’s Captain America shirt suggesting otherwise. We fought hard, our goal to abdicate The King and claim this village under the black and yellow flag. We had valiant warriors in the form of MC Cliff (who knew some rather questionable rules) which he broadcast on The King’s microphone, Robbie ‘The Monkey’ Marrs (due to his impressive tree climbing skills upon retrieval of the ball), Adam ‘Machine’ Eakin, Charles ‘Daddy Issues’ Cloke, Bailey ‘The Beast’ Gribben, Aaron ‘we couldn’t think of a nickname to do with him being ravaged by mosquitoes, but he’s okay though’ Devine, Jack ‘Stevo’ Stephens, Patrick ‘P-Diddy’ D’Arcy, and last but not least Isaac ‘The Caballo’ Main who almost dethroned The King single-handedly. Unfortunately Cliff’s team lost; Scunderland. (Ed.  I’m afraid I cannot agree with that and will be having words with the Mathematics teaching team from INST upon our return!)
Now after that creative session, we all await our strangely sticky showers and still no sticky rice.
P.S. Mrs Cheuk, has Kai cleaned and fed the rabbit?
P.P.S. Charlie adopted a child yesterday, unlucky Conliane! (He strong-armed me to say that he misses you by the way) (Ed. He’s a big softie)

George ‘Nice juicy thighs’ Robinson and co-edited by Theo ‘Man-bun’ Millar.

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