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Monday, 18 July 2016

Final Blog from the RBAI Expedition to South East Asia

...A reflective look back on the expedition by Ed.....Also know as Cliff.

I have just returned into Phnom Penh city and my hotel for the night after leaving the Boys and the two staff at the international airport.  They were safely escorted through the check in and to the gates and I have just heard they are safely at Bangkok airport awaiting their 13 hour flight back to the UK.

Today's plans were a little thwarted to say the least...The plan was to go and visit the Royal Palace, which is located near to where we were staying.  However, none of us had guessed that there were actually only a couple of times in the day when entrance is allowed...Never the less we made the most of the time by wandering through the now almost familiar streets of the city.  Our journey took us through dirty streets filled with the smells the boys had become use to, some nice and some just down right rank, eventually making our way to the Independence Monument and surrounding park area. The heat while walking was unbearable today with everyone's tee-shirt  wringing wet with moisture, seemingly flowing freely from our bodies...the boys were even having a bet as to who was the sweatiest....Boys will be boys!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and packing ready for the chaotic journey up to the airport.

Throughout this trip the boys have tried to engage where they could, the highlight for me being the day we laid the concrete at the project...I often say its not the common or most popular events which you although Halong Bay, Sappa trekking, Luang Prabang, Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh were all fantastic, they are very touristy and because of that some of the 'experience' is lost.  The boys will get home and remember, funny things from the trip such as Karl waving four fingers at the immigration officer...they will also remember one member of the group handing over $50 which we never thought we'd see again....These are the experiences that will stay with them for life...these are the things which they will hopefully learn from.  I have used a few of my 'philosophy's of life' along the way and I hope the boys remember that when faced with worry, unknown outcomes, fear and the likes that  'Tomorrow will always comes'.

Parents Please Note:

Flight Leaves London Heathrow at 11.15 and arrives at George Best City Airport at 12.45 (19th July) ...Please make sure you are there to meet your son...they would not be best pleased if you are late...Also I think they mentioned they would all like a rice dish of some sort for their welcome meal home...Or maybe even noodles ...  Your journey home may take you past one or two well known fast food outlets...

They have all been a pleasure to work with and you should all be proud of their achievements...This is Ed. (Cliff) saying Aw koon!

Over and Out!

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