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Friday, 1 July 2016

The Project - Day 1

After breakfast this morning we met Mai, our guide and interpreter. Who will be with us until after Halong Bay.

This morning, we woke up from a well needed sleep; the first sleep in 23 hrs for some of us, ravenous and ready for a big breakfast.  We were very excited anticipating what was ahead of us at the project. I was a bit apprehensive; as how could anything live up to our expectations. Believe me it did! However, as predicted, the bus was a sauna. Hot and humid. My journey was saved by our moral booster, George, who put up with me for 2 hrs. We were squeezed into the back seat, noses practically touching. Our guide and interpreter, Mai, is lovely. She is very polite and helpful, and can give Mr Carson a run for his money as the group joker. We were pleased to hear that we would be travelling by bike to the kindergarten. However I was surprised with a broken chain. A small run to catch up with the group left me drenched in sweat (nothing changed there) and gasping for breath. When we finally arrived to the nursery we were very pleasantly greeted by lots of happy waving kids. They were amazing, overflowing with energy and all too keen to jump on your back. The toys went down a treat. Especially Robbie’s bubbles! However it dawned on me that the complex origami I brought for the kids was a tall order, but made a quick save and we folded paper planes. The playing escalated and we ended up running around, throwing the kids up it the air (which gets sore after the one hundredth time) and singing heads, shoulders, knees and toes. Meeting the kids will be a highlight. A gruelling game of volleyball concluded the action of the day and we returned to the host house ready for the amazing Vietnamese food and a good rest. The trip is amazing so far; a trip of a lifetime.

Bailey Gribben

Ed.  We have just cycled 30 minutes to get to a cafe...This is the only form of wifi connection we can get near the Project site...Riding the bikes in the dark with head-torches was fun....Don't worry folks they are rickety bikes and we are not going much faster than walking pace. For those parents wanting it the detailed itinerary we are following can be found on the Outlook Expeditions Portal.

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