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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

We're in Vietnam!

Hi Everyone

Just to let you all know that we arrived in Vietnam late yesterday after a ANOTHER 10 hour journey and a pretty much uneventful border crossing (no passport lost or visa issues ;-)).

We are currently staying in a very nice, some may even say luxurious, Hotel/hostel in Hue City (central Vietnam)...the group had fun today visiting monasteries and tombs before a visit to another natural swimming/playing area and a trip around the local night markets...more buying :-)...You will hear more about this later...

Tomorrow we travel on an overnight sleeper train to Hanoi City and then onto Sapa for the main trek...the kids are apprehensive but kind of looking forward to the challenge.  I'm not sure what our internet access will be over the coming days but hopefully we will be able to up date you until we actually start trekking...remember we will be out of communication for 4 days/3 nights when we start.

I really hope you are all holding out...the guys are all having a great time...

All the best and stay safe


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