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Saturday, 8 December 2012


Well it was now the last day for the project and everyone was getting ready for their jobs. Everything that day was pretty laid back for those of us in the cooking group because most of the time we were doing nothing but playing cards (Ed. this became the easy/boring job of the project).

All of us finished our daily jobs early so that we could go and see the making of sugar cane juice and it was quite interesting to see how they made it. Some of the guys in the group were debating whether they were mistreating the buffalo or if it was a working animal but we never came to a conclusion, it was very nervous of us though. After getting to see how the sugar cane juice was made, we all decided (Ed. some were forced ;-)) to try the sugarcane juice, and many of us then tried the actual sugarcane and liked it especially Narakorn he was munching down on it like no tomorrow (Ed. there were a few others doing the same :-)).

When we were done all of us went trekking back to the village for dinner and as usual it was sticky rice with some sort of curry thing but it tasted pretty good. After enjoying a delightful dinner all of us were told to go sit on some mats the villagers had set out for a ceremony and to thank us for our time and contribution to the village. This event turned out to be awesome and that I can say with confidence that most of us will never see the likes again. All of us were getting up and dancing and having fun with the locals and Elis was getting up and dancing every chance he got but boy was it fun. This went on for around 2 hours before people ran out of things to perform.

When all the commotion died down all of us went back to our home stays and went to bed thinking I will never see OR do that ever again.

(Sam . L & Narakorn . S)

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