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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Day 2 Project –Openings...

Today started off with an early wakeup call from the food group (boys) because they were so loud ,this was at about 5:50 am ,after that all the other boys went back to sleep for about 45 minutes until we had to pack up our sleeping stuff and sweep the room where we are staying.

The food group then served us breakfast (noodle soup). The soup was very good but very different to the soups we are used to in Australia (Very watery). After the breakfast we all split off into our groups and prepared for the hard day ahead of us (except for the food group who basically slept all day).

The group that I was in were digging trenches for the locals in anticipation of their new water system which we have contributed money towards. The day went on for ages because of this. The first hour of digging was really fun but after that it was just plain boring (Ed. I think he means hard!). Kyle’s group was teaching all the school kids. Some of the kids were very ‘feral’ according to some of the group. After the food group had finished breakfast they had 4 hours to kill so they started playing a game of cards called bulls*** (Ed. they don’t know any other games), it’s a fun game but it gets really really boring (Ed. you get the feeling Jarrod was bored don’t you?) after 1 hour of playing so after 4 hours they would have likely been brain dead.

There have also been a few people coming down with the cold and diarrhoea within the group which has made their trip pretty uncomfortable especially when you have squat toilets and can’t flush the paper down. On the first day of the project all the local kids were very weary of us but today they really opened up to us playing with the balls and toys we brought from home. Tonight we also had a big soccer match with the local teenagers/men, it was actually so much fun and I’m not even a soccer fan. Unfortunately they won fairly easily but I’m telling myself we let them win for good relations.

Hope everyone is good back at home, we're all missing you but having fun here.


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