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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Vang Vieng – Luangprabang - The Epic Road Trip- Cloudy, mountainous and spectacular

We woke at 7 to pack for the drive to Luang Prabang, which we were told was 6 hours by bus. The trip began with some awesome scenery that surrounded Vang Vieng and we were all taken back by its beauty as limestone mountains covered in lush jungle rose above the clouds and up to the heavens.

After some time the bus arrived at a rest stop where many got out, stretching their legs and admiring the spectacular scenery. However Nottle found a bowl of mini nukes (little but HOT chillies) and dared Luke and Narakorn to eat one. Narakorn managed fine, however the chilli exploded in Luke’s mouth causing him to run around screaming and drinking everything he could get his hands on. But even this could not stop Glen and Michaela from trying the chillies themselves and they soon learnt that if Nottle dares you to do something, don’t do it! We continued up the mountain roads to a ridge from which we could see the tops of some awe-inspiring mountains and on the way down, observed clusters of huts and villages dotted along the road. The occupants of these huts did not seem have/own much but looked like they would not have it any other way and were as happy as could be, this made us question if money really is important to us?

After 7 hours and 30 minutes on a cramped and uncomfortable bus we arrived at what appeared to be a very cold and misty place, but turns out it was just a cloud passing through..... After we sorted out rooms and settled in we headed to Loa Loa gardens restaurant for dinner. Following food the group separated, the mass majority getting massages from the locals while the others began checking out the night markets, returning to the guest house for an early rise tomorrow.

Hope everyone is well back home

By Glen and Mat.

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