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Friday, 21 December 2012

Final Blog From Vietnam and Laos (Kinross College)

Hey Guys

We are almost at the end of our amazing expedition to Laos and Vietnam...I’m sure you’re all looking forward to seeing your son/daughter again and hear all about their adventures. Don’t expect too much but they will all have photographs to show you and may tell you about some of the strange goings on in some the weird and wonderful places they have visited.

Just as a reminder please remember to pick your child up from the Perth International airport on Sunday 23rd December, at 05.20 hours (That’s morning in old money)...We (the staff) have had our fill and done our stint and are looking forward to off loading them ;-).

The guys are so so excited to see you all and have left each of you a personal note below Enjoy!:

Jayden: Hey mum, I’m missing you heaps so I am really excited to come home, I will tell you all my stories when I get home. Make sure you are there ages before we are even due to land because when I get out I will just want to leave, can you please bring money for maccas on the way home because I am craving it, can you also make me an appointment to get my eyebrows done because they are disgusting at the moment! I think that is all, as I said before I miss you heaps and can’t wait to come home and have Christmas. I also hope that on Christmas day I will get my jellybeans that I got last year, Lots of love, jayden xxx

Alice: Hi dad and mum, Can you make sure you remember to pick me up and if those Christmas lights aren’t up s*** is going down. Also please bring my cute doggies and you can bring grace if you want hehe. Please bring money for maccas and fully charge my phone and please bring to the airport. Also if you go in the bathroom in my 2nd or 3rd draw down there is my new untouched foundation can you please also bring that as Ive been missing it. I would be very disappointed if you fail any of these requests :-). Miss you lots, love alice xo

Moules: wassup mamma mole and papa mole, don’t fo’ get some sweet ass treats for when we get our ass’s of that big mudda pucker plane, please bring us some caramel slice, brownie, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, cruskits, coco pop checks and if we had nachos for lunch and steak and snags for din dins we wouldn’t be disappointed. Oh, and please have pitch perfect in the dvd player ready to go, mikaela’s sick ass phone charged and pretty please don’t expect presents till we get our sweet ass’s home. Love you all longtime and can’t wait to see your gorgeous faces. Moule holes, xoxoxooxox

Cassidy: hello mum please don’t forget to pick me up :-) also please bring my vans and some delicious food :-) cant wait to see you all. Also please bring some money for maccas coz I haven’t had it in ages. Please don’t forget me so be there ages before we are due to land. I brought lots of presents and can’t wait to give them to you... love you and can’t wait to see you <3 xx="xx">
Luke: alright mum and dad how are you guys? im home soon when u come to the airport bring food please only joking can u please be there on time missing you all. X

Shay: Mum your always late, please don’t be late Nottle and Posner won’t be very happy people! Bring the kids and my babies (if Baylee and Carlos aren’t bathed, smelling clean and been fed well I won’t be happy)! OH and I want a whooper with cheeses, minus pickles and mustard heavy ketchup and heavy mayo with a coke and a large fries! Love you guys heaps, see use soon <3>
Get ready for the tears btw :-)!

Jared: hey mum and dad not missing you that much so just remember to pick me up. Dad if ur home u should come too because I want u to and bring some yummy food too please. Oh and BTW you both jinxed me for the whole trip!!! :-) x can you also bring money for some maccas

Alison: hey mummy and daddy I have missed you so much, would you please make Emily and Kate come and pick me up I would like to see their lovely faces (bright in the morning hahaha xxx) and also please be prepared to buy me heaps of food at maccas xxxx thanks :-) love ya xoxoxoxo

Sarah: hey guys, don’t forget to pick me up ;) you already know the plans for that day and have already prepared myself for the chaos that it might bring. I have been missing everyone heaps and can’t wait to see you all at the airport. Now on a serious note, please bring my sim card for my phone, and maybe we can get some frozen raspberry fanta for the trip home from the airport. Can’t wait to see you all! Xoxo

Ffion: Hi mum and dad please remember to pick me up; I particularly don’t want to be stuck at the airport at 5 in the morning, although I know you won’t forget. But if you could please get me a big tub of my favourite ice cream from cold rock (double chocolate and raspberries) for on the way back from the airport as I have a big craving for ice cream (you know I have not eaten any good ice cream in Vietnam and Laos) and a blanket for in the car if you don’t mind. I can’t wait to see you, miss you load’s see you soon, love you always!!! :-) fi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and more!!!

Glen: hope everyone has been enjoying themselves back home, should see you on the 23rd of December, Sunday morning at 5.20 at Perth airport. (Just making sure you will be there ;) ) if you can bring sapphire and the pups I would appreciate it, if it isn’t too hard :D.

Michaela: hello mother and father, I only have a few requests when you come and pick me up at the airport. Firstly would you be able to bring my laptop and my phone (can you charge it as well because I forgot to put it on charge when I left), my Duvet cover and pillow, money to go get food, Dexter and Chloe (and I expect Dexter in his Santa hat as well), bring Amber along as well however, that is only if she survived you guys for a month without me. I want nana’s sausage rolls, caramel slice, peppermint crèmes, coconut ice or just bring nana to the airport instead to bake the food for me, also I would like my advent calendar to catch up on. Hope you all are well and see you soon. Hope Uncle Michael’s collarbone is okay and Lola hasn’t been killed by the bitch black cat next door. There better be Christmas lights up at the house and we better be going to see Christmas lights in connonlly as well. I miss you so much and I hope you all are well. Love you lots Michaela xxxxxx (ps. Please don’t forget to pick me up at the airport hahahahaha.) xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo.

Mathew: yo waddup family, hows it going. I hope that you have taken good care of Sid and that he has started eating again. Bring Toby to the airport too please as I have missed him loads. I have missed you all but am happy that I came and feel I have gained a lot from it. I will love to get home to a full fridge and warm pool. And can Megan please be there too. See ya later

Kyle: Hey family, hope all of you are ok, bring everyone to the airport, even the dog ;). Dad you better of been starting my motorbike regularly! Bring a Harvey Fresh Mocha to the airport please, I’ve been craving one :D. Hope the Snake has been eating well and has shed, Remember to pick me up at the airport at 5:20 am Sunday, Missing all of you, Cant wait to see you. :D

Ellis: Hello people of Australia (family). I’m all ok can’t wait to see you, got drew a b’day present. Hope the dog is ok. I can’t believe it has gone so quick. Bring food to the airport . Cliff the team leader is pretty awesome some of the girls are pritty upset. I don’t want to go home yet got so used to it here very bloody humid though. LOVE YOU ALL . be home soon. BYE BYE.

Sam: Hi there guys, I seem to be intact and all good and looking forward to coming home so much and I can’t wait to see you (Family) and all my friends back at home. Although I can’t wait to get home, I really want to stay here as well, the weather, locals and especially the food is great. See you soon.:-)

Mikhaila: Guys I’ve missed you so much! Can’t wait to see your beautiful faces again! Dad, I may have actually missed you waking me up by rattling around in the kitchen instead of a knock on the door at 5 in the morning I’ve been having here. Mum, can’t wait for a hug, please don’t cry too much because I will too, Maddy don’t hate me but I didn’t take many photos and you can bring Dave if you really want too hehe, Kaitlyn, our insides jokes are too inappropriate for a public blog but you know what I mean, Steph, (the order was not importance so don’t get your undies in a twist) fair warning I’m giving the presents on Christmas not at the airport. Love you guys! P.S. Prepare yourselves for a Harry Potter Marathon and this is not a request, you must bring me MASH POTATO and tomato sauce to the airport, thank you very much.

Narakorn: hi guys doing fine coming back in a few days. I love it here a lot more than home. I want to play a lot of games bye.

Tina and Mel: Hey Westy!! Tina would love a sugar free red bull and I would just love to see your face and the photos from our staff party! Very excited to see you! Love us x

Cliff: Please bring all those people and animals who love me unconditionally (just as well!) to the train station, especially my beautiful and special little granddaughter...but I understand if it’s only my lovely wifey! :-)...Hun Can you try n get me an emergency dentist appointment for 24th please...I have lost some tooth and need it covering for Christmas...Looking forward to seeing you all xxx No food requests BTW just make sure my mates B & J's are in the freezer :-) x

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