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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Travel to Vang Vieng – Dusty roads, Limestone Cliffs, Spectacular Sunsets and Flowing Caves

Hi Folks...The guys wanted me to explain to you about the (Ed.) parts of the blog...for some reason they dont think you will without offending...the Ed. stands for in Editor of the blog as in me Cliff :-)...All well here tho and looking forward to getting involved in the project.
Wow what a 7th day it has been, a week since we have left, where has all the time gone? We started the day on a high or you could say we started it with a shake. I mean by that we woke up at 6.30 in the morning and left our hotel at 7 to go to one of the world’s best smoothy places on the planet. After our amazing smoothy we headed back to the hotel and packed for the day ahead of us. We would have packed the night before but our laundry did not arrive until 11 instead of 9 pm. We call that Lao time, give or take 2 hours either side of the planned time.

Once we were all ready to leave, packed and loaded on the bus, which been had pre booked the night before, Ellis and Luke gave it a thorough check over, we set out on our 3 hour trip to Vang Vieng. The bus ride there was an amusing experience we sang many Christmas carols to Miss Posner’s delight. We did learn a lot of new songs such as a remix of Celo green song forget you and some classics as eye of the tiger and staying alive.

The scenery was amazing as we passed a range of limestone mountains and small villages dotted in places you would not believe. We arrived at the backpacker’s haven of Vang veing for the night and settled into the Guesthouse. Following a quick tour of the town we decided to visit the local caves a couple of km away. Following a steep ascent up some steps and a quick browse on foot around we descended back down to a spectacular little natural swimming pool.  This unique pool had a tunnel/cave leading into the cliff face.  Swimming against the flow into the pitch black cave, which was ten times better than the walk-in caves btw, we were led by Cliff wearing a head torch to light up our way ahead. The current however was strong forcing some to turn back but not before some awesome pictures. Following this we retreated back to our hotel for a hot shower before a dinner on the river side and a few games of cards.
Today has been kind of special...It’s a beautiful place and it’s a shame we’re not staying longer.

All the group are doing fine, all missing you guys but loving what we are doing out here in South East Asia...Please try not to worry :-) (Ed. Awh!)

Luke and Ellis

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