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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

We're Back From Sapa and our Big Trek

Hey Folks ....Just to let you know we are all safely back from the spectacular Sapa area after successfully completing our main trek (4 days 3 nights), The guys did extremely well including one day where we went for 7 hours without food, slipped and squished in knee deep mud and trekked for nearly 9 hours.  We are a little behind on our Blogs but looking to rectify that today before going off on our R & R activity in Halong Bay.

The guys are also going to send each of their parents/guardians a personal message in one of the last blogs which will give you confirmation details of what time to pick them up from the airport, but also what they are looking forward to when they return to Perth :-) .

They all know that you have been checking on the blog as we have had nearly 1,000 hits since leaving for Sapa.

Hope you are all well...not long not people :-)



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