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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Blog number 6 – Walking in a Dream

The viewing platform hanging over the beautiful Quilotoa Crater

Robie, Cameron and Ali looking surprised by the awesome Crater

After waking up early we packed up our tents, had a final check of the campsite and set off. At the start of the walk it was only a short while until we came on to a wooden platform which overlooked the spectacular and mesmerising views of the lake of Quilotoa (Ed. and what a view it was folks!) . This gave the opportunity for some breathtaking photographs to be taken and some sights that will be forever ingrained in our memories.

Quilatoa Lagoon and Crater in all its glory

There was a strenuous walk down the precarious pathway toward the lagoon of the volcano with everyone having to be especially vigilant of where they were walking. Within the crater of the lagoon there was even some time to have a paddle which we all enjoyed.  When it came to lunchtime we were greeted with more exciting and vivid views in addition to a traditional Ecuadorian legend involving a condor (a native bird to the country) and a romance with a local farming girl!

He wasn't about to jump...Don't worry!

The demanding descent

The gang at the Lagoon

We then embarked on a one-hour demanding yet exhilarating walk up the steep cliff face of the famous volcano, with everyone eventually getting to the top (even the rowers found it tough!) (Ed. not that the staff did mind you ;-)). We were rewarded with even more spectacular views that simply took our breath away. 
To end the day we were left with smiles on our faces after watching Josh Fenton endure “terrible” consequences for the excessive use of the word “like”, bearing in mind none of which were used in the correct context ‘like’!

Robert Ingham

The dog was alive ....honest folks 

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