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Friday, 4 July 2014

Blog No. 9 – Canyons and Ascent

The view into the canyon we had to descend to

We woke up to another morning of beautiful scenery and the fine-looking hostel, and said our au revoirs (Ed. Adios’s)  to our newly met American friends. We set off down the rocky road towards the canyon. On our way, a truck full of American girls past us and had their breath taken by the beauty they saw. 

Dusty going today

The guys enjoying mixing with the local kids

Cuteness! One of the young girls we met today

We descended down the steep stony canyon to the fast flowing river, where we had to cross a rickety bridge. We then sat down on a curb until we saw a load of children run towards us, with footballs at the ready. Mr Macmillan’s competitive side kicked in and Paddy’s pretty lame goal keeping kicked in. Before heading off, we decided to give the school full of children some food consisting of pasta, noodles and sauce. Ascending off into the distance we made our way up the 400m canyon wall.  This was tough very tough.   We waddled and panted, and waddled and panted until finally we got to the top where we were met by the bus, which was going to take us to the camp.

The rickety bridge 

Oh dear Me Mc

Lunch stop with a view

Thumbs up from Andrew

We said our goodbyes to the great guides that had been with us on our 5 day trek. We then made our way first up a huge hill and then down to the main highway, all of which was off road, rocky and very bumpy.
When we arrived in camp, Ange our host had arranged for all the team to have hot showers in one of the cabins.  The feeling of that very hot water running over our grimy tired bodies was really indescribable.  I think we will all appreciate our home facilities much more following this trip.

More locals at the end of the trail

Poor staff....They weren't really tired hahaha

An early night calls as we’re off to attempt Ruminahui (4,660m) in the morning.
BTW We’re all doing really great and missing you back home...but the adventures here in Ecuador are still calling just now J

Jerome Hannan

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  1. So cliff ref home comforts, don't you mean Lynn running round after you. Lol