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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Blog No. 8 - This is so cheesy...

And on the seventh day, there was cheese.

 To our surprise, today we took an early morning trip to the mountain Queso factory. We rode 6km on an open-top sheep truck to our destination where we were shown the processes and techniques used to make the various strands of cheese which are popular in the mountainous regions. After sampling the delicious Emmental cheese we just had to buy some for later.

During the hike back to the hostel we lunched in the clouds, on the boarder of the vast cloud forest. Here, on the ridge of the mountain, we experienced a unique climate created by the intense humidity from the cloud forest and the cold air coming from the mountains. On our descent from the hills we were able to take in the vast landscapes and ever changing weather.

On our safe arrival back at the luxurious hostel we were able to relax. To prepare ourselves for the monstrous Ruminaui summit  (Ed. its not for two days BTW lol) we all tucked into a hearty feast of Ecuadorian cheese burgers, followed by a hugely competitive pool tournament and ‘chill sesh’.  Camp is ecstatic about reaching the summit as preparations begin (Ed. for two days time!). 

Bring it on!

Jake wood

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