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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Blog No. 21 - The Final Blog From Ecuador

Family and friends....your loved ones are returning home after a pretty amazing trip with many tales to tell, However, they would appreciate you coming to the George Best City airport for their expected arrival at 12.05 pm on Friday 18 July 2014. Flight No. BA1424. The staff will be very happy to hand over the responsibility :-) Unfortunately, I won’t be there to meet you all as I’m flying from Heathrow directly to Newcastle The Guys have been a real pleasure the whole trip and I’ve personally enjoyed spending time with them :-)...I know they have done you proud! Enjoy the stories of their adventures.

Below is a short message from each of them:

Robbie Ingham – hello, remember me? When you pick me up bring food and a drink! Also dad am I playing cricket at the weekend?  Looking forward to seeing you all! ps try and be on time!

Brent Whiteside – At the point where I desperately want home for hot showers and decent fast food so obviously needless to say mum fill the cupboards and prepare a large banquet. If the rest of you are lucky I might pick up a Toblorone in the airport. See you soon. 

Josh Hoy – Hey guys! Missing you all! Desperately craving a home-cooked meal and a decent shower.  Not long now though! I’ll see you all soon.

Andrew Mallon- Definitely looking forward to a good old fry so you know what to do Dad! Have had an awesome time but I can’t wait to see you guys, shouldn’t be long now! See you later!

Kiran Robbin-without a doubt, I am looking forward to a hot shower after a strenuous but enjoyable three weeks.I hope trip to Wimbledon was good.I have not really bought much for you guys-my safe return will be my gift to you!

Cameron Powell - coming home at 12.05 please don’t forget me I don’t want to get the train home.  And if it isn’t too much hassle would you be able to pick me up a bojuum (white flour tortilla, Mexican savoury rice, peppers and onions, chicken, tomato salsa, sour cream and cheese please) as it is my birthday.  I know your missing me and all that kaper but ill be home soon enough. Talk to you when im back.

Aled George – Hi guys having a great time but can’t wait to empty the hot water tank and eat plenty of bacon. Doubt Sian’s reading this so wish her a happy birthday from me. See you in a couple of days.

Josh Fenton- Can’t wait to see you all. I’ve had a great time here with everyone and have some good stories to tell you when I get home. Hope you had a great 16th birthday Naomi. Please don’t be late to pick me up from the airport. See you soon, love u all x

Patrick Nicholas – coming to the end of a really decent  trip but looking forward to be being back home. Cant wait to see u guys even though I don’t know/cant remember which sisters are home. Looking forward to catching up with three weeks worth of craic. Miss u all x

Jake Wood- hi all, so pumped to be coming home. Excited to see everyone and Lola. Ive had such an amazing time, looking forward to telling all the stories. Hope the room looks great missing you  lots see you tomorrow xo  

Louis Magowan:- Hi Mum, hi dad- hope you are all well and have had a relaxing summer so far. With any luck the weather will be nice when I get back. Looking forward to my own bed, a clean toilet and seeing you all soon. Lots of love, Louis.

Ally Hill – Hi guys, I’ve had an awesome time in Ecuador, seen and done some pretty amazing things but I can’t wait to get home to a comfortable bed, clean toilet and a warm shower. I’ve missed you all and will have plenty of stuff to talk about when I get back, see you soon!

Jerome Hannan- omg I cant wait to be back to see all my fabulous family only few more hours. See yall soon xoxo <3 p="">

James  Poland – not long till we are back , been an unreal 3 weeks , a warm shower will be very good , see you at 12.05 at Belfast City

Cliff - Family!!!  I know you wont have read this. However, I hope you have brought both of my gorgeous Granddaughters to meet me in the airport!!!!  I have missed them so much!  See you all soon x

Thats it folks....All done here....Enjoy your time with the family x (Cliff AKA Ed.)

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