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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Blog No.17 - Heavy Hearts but full of Joy.

(Ed. Its down to me tonight folks as the guys are otherwise occupied)

Eating dinner of grilled fish tonight while being serenaded by a couple of old Ecuadorian men makes the project seems a long way off, even though its only 15 minutes ride out of town.  The contrast between the town (Puerto Lopez) and the place we have been working and living over the last few days is quite remarkable.  The dust bowl, where the small community live, is quite a harsh environment and I'm sure, given long enough, we could have adapted completely to.  However, the hot showers at the hostel were a big attraction as was the purchase of one or two Magnum Ice Creams.

My little foot warmer :-) 

The finished item along with gates

And with the doors painted

We woke to a hot and dry day today, which felt good after a little rain yesterday.  However, it wasn't long before we were wanting rain again it was HOT! .  The guys had worked so hard and efficiently over the past two days that they had used up not only their project funds for materials but also all the tasks required of them.  Following discussions with our project host, Pastor, it was clear that it would be best for both parties to finish early.  So after finishing the last few tasks and having a tidy up we said goodbye to our hosts and new friends (I will really miss my little friend who has put a little smile on my face the past few days :( ) and made our way to Hostal Maxima again.

Some of the Guys with some of the ladies of the community

Following showers and some chill time we went out to sample what Puerto Lopez has to offer on a Saturday night.  Music, cruising and eating seem to be the popular activities with the locals and visitors alike. The fish here is particularly good, which suits me as I like anything which comes out of the sea.

Back at the hostel  the work was starting to take its toll on everyone and it wasn't long before our bed was calling.  Lets see what exciting things we can get up to tomorrow.

The guys are doing well and hopefully making you all proud of their adventures and their achievements.

Cliff (AKA Ed.)

Pastor and yours truly

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