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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Blog No. 13 - The Road to Nowhere...ok to Puerto Lopez!

Ed.  Not really worth one of the guys writing a blog on today's activities as we sat on a bus for nearly 9 hours travelling to our project destination - Puerto Lopez.

We thought we were never going to get here...but we did eventually make it.  All is well in camp but some of the guys have learnt the lesson about not wearing shorts and flip-flops in the jungle...itchy!!!

We may have problems sending the blog after this one,  the school we are doing the project with does not have internet...l will try and make trips into town (20 mins away) when I can...Hopefully you are all (parents) not missing your son too much and hopefully you will be more appreciated when they return...for at least one week!

Ciao for now People

Cliff (AKA Ed.)

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