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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Hello Cambodia! –Amreeta Bhuller and Michaela Butler (Day 3)

Michaela: Canberra to Melbourne-- Okay, so I bet you are all reading this blog already because you miss us all oh so much ;) (Ed. I know its so true, its so much harder for the parents)

but the truth is (and I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone) we are all missing you too (Ed....Hmmm??? )... after the long and boring talks and activities that had taken place on build up day followed by the social pizza dinner, you were there to say goodbye, but it’s what happened after that which I am sure you are interested to hear about, we made it to the airport on time with some to spare, we were first people on the plane because we were just that keen to hop on, although I found out shortly after that no keen attitude was going to deny my travel sickness of its victory)

Amreeta: Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur—

Our arrival in Melbourne was a sure way to start the realization process. We spent most of our time queuing up from line to line and got bored of the whole concept QUICK! There wasn’t much to see or do, as our timing at the airport was quite late and a little rushed.

Our flight was designed to help us rest up and get semi-prepared for our big, oncoming day. However the squished up seats and less than pleasurable surroundings made it mission impossible to get a solid nights rest. But nonetheless, anticipation was continually building at a rapid rate!

P.S. the food at the Asia Airways (Kuala Lumpur) airport was delicious!!
Michaela: Kuala Lumpur to Cambodia:

The airport was air-conditioned and by this point we didn’t know what to expect when we walked out of the terminal and on to the tar mat. We were quietly complimenting people on their sweat moustache, It was hot, it was humid and it most importantly sticky, (and stinky) as we had expected BUT what we hadn’t expected was for rain to being to fall as soon as we had got to our plane seats. Speaking of plane seats, we were became more aware of the language barrier when poor Nathan had his seat temporarily stolen by some rude people that pretended not to understand us and refused to show us the ticket or tell us their seat number, after giving up (quickly, due to the lack of sleep) we had asked the stewardess to help us out and it was sorted, although we got some pretty wicked evil stares. We experienced turbulence most the way, but it only makes for a better story to tell you when we get home.

Amreeta: arriving in Cambodia:

After finally getting the chance to meet Cliff, and a lovely 9 hour wait, we were on our way! :D

This is when the surreal aspect of the whole trip began creeping up on each individual in similar ways. The fact that after a very long period of time, we actually made it to Cambodia, was such a joyous fact!

Our arrival in Cambodia could not have been friendlier. I doubt that any of us could even begin to imagine exactly how much of poverty lies on these streets. But the bus ride, from the airport to the hostel, seemed to give us an overview of the developing world poverty. It was a very big culture and general shock as the appreciation factor began kicking in on us. The stories, the experiences and the sights are only something that can be explained through the telling of our trip. :-)

Michaela: our night stroll down by the river-

After a sleepless but exiting couple of days, we were pretty tiered by the time we got to dinner on our first night in Cambodia. Lack of sleep, the heat (maybe a little dehydration [my mum is going to have some serious talks to me about that when I get home, I’m sure of it :P ]) and my sick stomach I was not very keen, although by the time we had all finished our meals at our lovely hostel we were all ready for a walk down by the shore.

Playing soccer with the local boys- night 1

After taking a photo with the boys (shown below) we were heading home. Jane Davidson had asked the little boy (in the front with the bouquet of flowers) “where is your mum?” he replied “she is dead” my heart goes out to these people because I cannot imagine the trauma they experience in their life, I realise how lucky I am already.

Picture of the group and the local soccer boys- night 1

Amreeta: “I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone on this trip, we love you and miss you heaps and can’t wait to see you and tell you about this soon-to-be life changing experience! Xoxo <3 ”

Michaela: Miss you all so much! Thank you all for giving us this opportunity that will we never experience again. I’m look forward to every next moment and taking in absolutely everything!

love love love love love!!! :-) xoxoxox  (Ed. Parents please remember its easy to share the blog....either copy the address above or click on the appropriate button)

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