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Thursday, 24 November 2011

China Town KL Malaysia Day 1

Ok here goes....the start of another new and exciting adventure. Arrived in KL 7+ hours ahead of the UK at 3.30pm this afternoon. First impressions are that it’s a very modern city with a bit of this and that thrown in for good luck. From the airport it was very easy to get into KL Sentral (no thats not a spelling mistake )via the KLIA Express train (£30.00 return) ...30 mins and you are in amongst it. I decided to get a cab to the hostel which cost about £2.50. So all in all its quite cheap getting around and as with most of these type of countries IT ALL DEPENDS ON HOW COMFORTABLE YOU WANT TO TRAVEL.

After dropping my bags at the relatively comfortable hostel I couldn’t wait to get out for a little explore...The area surrounding is a busy hub of markets, selling mainly touristy type stuff but also offering an insight to many of the wondrous fo ods available in this part of the world.

Being here by myself is a little strange as I would normally have a large group in tow....they fly in from Oz on the 26th and actually I’m looking forward to meeting them (I have to say that the parents are going to start and read the blogs soon ;-) hahahahah)....reflecting on what I do as a job....I think this is where I get my job satisfaction....I love sharing these little adventures with others (groups) and I’m sure we are all better people after them . Here’s to a positive life changing Adventure of a Lifetime.

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