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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Love that chicken (Day 6)

This morning I woke up to a burst of sunlight blaring over my eyes and the song ‘’ring of fire by Johnny cash ‘’ I was told multiple times to get up out of my bed which seemed to be at least 100 degrees with the mosquitoes net around me. I got up to be greeted by the rest of the World Challenge crew, and none of them looked as vibrant or as clean as the day we arrived in Cambodia by the time I actually had the chance to sit down I was told by Jane to get up because we were about to go to breakfast so I put my shoes on and then walked at least 300 meters to our kitchen cluster which is old yellow. I sat down where all of the little girls who are deceivingly old the nice ladies brought our food out and it was relatively cold because we were late Jayson then said what we were all thinking which was that we needed to get to breakfast on time, for breakfast we had the same we have every morning which was a nice healthy portion of rice, chicken and fruit. (Ed. The food is very good guys....have we mentioned that before? Lol)

After breakfast we walked back to the communal area to have a discussion about the painting that we would be doing throughout the day, which as I was about to find out, extremely exhausting. When we got to the blue cluster (which is a set of 3 dorms and a large kitchen) we were surprised to see Marley ( a local lady helping us) and she was holding a bag full of at least 10 brand new rollers.

Nathan, who was group leader for the day had decided to divide us into groups of three which in the end was way more effective, I was stuck with Michaela and Jayson we were in a room 3 by 3 for an hour singing any song we could remember from Savage Garden to Outkast.

After painting we went to have lunch which was rice and noodles while we were at lunch we saw for the first time that some of the children are actually catholic and like to pray before there meal we did not understand what they were saying so we just put our hands together and joined in were we could.

From lunch we went to the communal area and discussed what we would be doing from then on we were told that we were welcome to go to an English class from 2pm to 3pm but only half of us would be allowed to go so then Nathan had to again decide, so my group was stuck painting for an hour whilst the other group got to listen to a bunch of Cambodian children repeatedly recite simple English words such as apple or car after the hour was up we sent Jayson to go get the other group so that we could go chill with the pre schoolers which were just the cutest Cliff who seemed like a tough British mountaineer broke down Into a little girl in front of the little kids he was building Lego castles with them and doing some reading to.

After those little kids for an hour everybody was exhausted except Jayson so we all were as quite as possible until dinner which again was chicken and rice YUMMIE.

After dinner we had agreed upon having a group meeting to discuss the highlights and lowlights of the trip so far and we were told we would be having these meetings more often, every bodies contribution was welcome and pondered on we all liked what everybody had to say and resolved a few issues from it.

On a brighter note I hope nobody is missing there child to much they will be back in only 23 days in that time they will try to jam as much of this new culture in as possible.

Quote of the day:

Kim ‘’don’t my hands look fat.’’ Written by Zac Green grammar check by Microsoft word 2010.

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