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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Tragedy, Tyranny and Tourism (Day 4)

Today was the most exciting day of this trip after getting over the fact that I miss my family so bad it was the best day because it was the first day we were actually able to go and explore Cambodia.

After breakfast this morning we travelled (IN TUK TUK’s) to the S.21 Museum. This was a depressing but an informative historical visit that filled us all with a lot of sadness. The information we received about the S.21 museum in Phnom Penh shocked us all and left us wondering how could such genocide, even more so as it was done by Cambodian people?. Seeing people with scars to their faces and missing limbs shows us all how lucky we are back in Australia. We soon got back in our Tuk Tuk’s and travelled to the ‘Killing fields’. Again this was a very memorable and heartfelt experience never to be forgotten. A few hours later we went to a nice little restaurant a grabbed a bight to eat.


Travelling back from the Killing fields and lunch we briefly stopped at the markets and got this cool little feather thing that you kick to each other. So when we went back to the hostel we decided to go and try out our feather toy at a park. We were all so bad at it. All the local were walking past laughing at us. Some little children were nearby who were adorable, so we asked them to join in our game. BUT SUDDENLY a huuuugeeeee Aerobics class started up so we went and joined. It was the BEST fitness ever and it was free. After loosing about 25kg from dancing we had a rest by a water fountain when all of a sudden lights appeared in the water. It was a massive water fountain, light and music show. It was SPECTACULAR:-), We have never seen anything like it. Here we met a young girl walking around by herself, Cliff started taking some photos of her when we discovered that she wasn’t a very good model for photo shoots because she kept putting her hands over her eyes.

The team decided it was time for dinner so again we hopped on our trusty Tuk Tuk’s and headed out. OMG the food was amazing :D . After dinner we went down to the river and met some lovely locals who were trying to sell us books, finally we decided it was time to head back to the hostel, so after a hi five and thumbs up from the little kids we headed back for an early rise in the morning to head off on our project.

Written by Charlee Cremerius and Kiara McMahon :-) love and miss our families xxooxxoo <3

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