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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Getting back into it.

My mini (day long) adventure with Roxcool started with a small North Yorkshire Moors hill, which was definitely a good warm up session! A breathless 10 minutes later we had reached Scugdale Crag with me feeling very unfit at this moment in time! Thankfully Cliff gave me a nice little break to regain my breath and then proceeded to go through some warm up exercises to prepare me for the climbing that lay ahead and to prevent injuries. We then began on basic, step by step foot work, balance and mini bouldering to get all the joints warmed up and ready for some rope climbing, hooray!

Cliff then provided a detailed explanation of each item of climbing protection, which I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know when and when not to use an item. Then the fun began with climbing the first route starting with an easy one for me to do. This helped me get my bearings and slowly gain confidence and in the following couple of hours we climbed many routes which helped me increase my knowledge and understanding. Unfortunately the day was interrupted with rain but this didn’t spoil the session as it allowed us to cover rope work, belaying and leader placed protection, which was great. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Roxcool and cannot wait for the next course!  A very tired but happy climber.

Laura Thompson (Geordie climber)

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