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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Pampering, Pool and Purchases

No early wake-up call this morning much to everyone’s appreciation. Now full in the R and R phase of the trip it was up to us to decide what we wanted to do and being girls we of course chose to hit the salon and soak up the sun by a pool. Those of us that went to the salon either got a manicure or a pedicure. Due to the amount of walking in muddy boots and wet socks the team had been doing the state of some of our feet and toe nails was quite appalling and in much need of some TLC. (Ed. I would just like to point out I wasn’t part of this!!! Lol) Once the ladies were finished our feet looked good as new with clean painted toe nails and no hard skin. Everyone spent the afternoon around the pool. The weather was amazing. Hours were spent just lying in the sun or swimming in the pool. For some a little more suncream should have been applied but nothing too disastrous. (Ed. the pool was part of an Ecco Resort which the girls had found on the internet...$3 got us a towel and all day access...However, getting to the pool was a bit of an epic...not mentioning anyone’s map Miss Mc!!!) The evening was spent yet again at the nightmarkets. After last night’s spending spree, a lot of people told themselves that they weren’t going to spend a lot of money. That didn’t happen. Most people came back with at least 1 full bag of items they had bought for either themselves of friends and family. Georgia Stratford

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