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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The final Trek day!

4th Aug We all woke up at around 7am, ready for what we thought was going to be a whole morning of trekking. So we all prepared ourselves, put on our wet clothes from the day before, which were definatley letting off a strong smell now! Breakfast yet again was amazing, we had eggy bread and watermelon, and as always cooked so much there was still spare left over. While we were finishing our breakfast in the distance we started to spot a couple of elepants emerging from the trees. It felt like christmas had come early, the looks on our faces were exstatic, WE DIDN'T HAVE A MORNING OF TREKKNIG! The elepahants had come to collect us!! So we all climed on to the elephants in pairs with so much excitement of what was to come. We went through the jungle and through paddy fields. The views from the top of the elephants were so beautiful, you could see for miles and miles. After what seemes to go so quickly was actually nearly 3 hours and the elephants sat down and it was time for us to jump off. We then got on to the truck and headed back to Um Phang to collect the rest of our belongings and also have some lunch. After lunch we said our thank-you's to Mr Ump and his amazing 'wolf pack' for making our trekking experience one to remember even though at time it felt like hell! We then made our way back along the winding roads down the mountain to mae sot. We got to the hostel at 5.30pm, where we had a hot shower -which was much needed!! Next we went out for dinner, where most of us had western food as we had not had any choice of what food we got while we were on trek, even though the food was amazing. Helaina Thomas

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