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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Back with a Bang!

With it being our last day on Koh Chang, and after yesterday’s wet weather, everybody was hoping for some sunshine so we could enjoy our last day on White Sand beach. We were not disappointed, so as soon as we had finished breakfast we made our way down to the beach with plenty of beach supplies (including sun cream so don’t worry mums and dads). (Ed. Some of us suffered though :-)) The beach was beautiful with stunning white sand and glistening blue seas, there were even swings dotted along the beach which we all had a go on. Then in groups we went swimming in the sea and Cliff taught us the art of body surfing which some got the hang of more than others. For lunch we all visited Seven Eleven and the market stalls to get a picnic lunch. After lunch we played a short game (Ed. Guys I don’t think 2 minutes of hitting the ball to each other constitutes a game lol) of beach volleyball which retired from the water to the beach after some of us got nibbled by crabs in the water. After another quick dip in the sea we went back to the hotel for a hot shower during which we smothered our salt ridden hair in the rest conditioner we had left. Once we were all cleaned of sand and salt, we met up so we could go to dinner at a restaurant on the beach. It was a really nice evening but everyone was starting to realise that the trip was coming to an end and to round off the meal Cliff gave an unexpected heartfelt speech which we were all moved by, as we have all grown so close as a group throughout the trip (Ed. Awh...sniff sniff ). After dinner we stopped to watch some fire dancers who were breathing fire and doing tricks with fire batons. Once we were back at the hotel we all departed to our rooms to pack our bags ready for travelling to Bangkok and then go to bed after a relaxing but long day. Georgia Willows

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