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Monday, 30 July 2012

Playa Nosara , Pizza and Camp Fires

 Sunday 29th July

Today we finally got a lie in (Yey!), but as I have got used to waking up so early I ended up waking up at the same time as usual. I made the most out of this time and had a shower; I think I’m finally getting used to not having hot water!

Today for breakfast we had a traditional bread thing with scrambled eggs and then porridge afterwards. It was actually really nice and for once no rice!

As it is Sunday and the Costa Ricans are quite religious, we didn’t have to do any work today! To fill our afternoon off Gilbert took us to a lovely beach (Playa) at Nosaro. On the way Gilbert pointed out a foot bridge over a river, it was only built four months ago by Gilbert. Because during September time the area gets flooded really bad, this new bridge means that the children can still get to school even if the roads are flooded.

At the beach we found a lovely spot underneath a little shelter. Also at the beach Holly realised that she had quite a few small ticks on her legs (First ticks of the trip!). In total she had around 6 ticks but Cliff managed to remove them with some tweezers from the first aid kit. At the beach we played in sea, watched the surfers, played cards and Jenny collected hundreds of shells. (Ed. I think US customs are going to have fun! J)

At around 2, when we had decided we were hungry Gilbert took us to a pizzeria on the way home.  I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t had a pizza in what feels like forever, but that tasted like the best pizza I had ever eaten! By the end every plate was clean and everyone seemed much happier.  (Ed. No sign of any monsters lol)

Back at Gilbert’s house we had a group meeting to discuss rest and relaxation details, we still can’t decide between a canopy tour, white water rafting or a wildlife walk. We also talked about our arrangements for the night before we travel home, it seems weird that were talking about this already but we’re already about half way through our expedition.

After the meeting we packed our rucksacks in preparation for travelling back to San Jose, after being here for about a week I think I’m going to miss it. I’m especially going to miss the nice beds and good food.

For tea that night we had chicken, chips, rice and an egg omelette. I presumed the omelette would be made with chicken eggs but I just found out that it was actually made out of turtle eggs, I’m sort of glad that I did eat it because now I can say that I’ve tried turtle eggs but I still think eating them is a bit gross.

After tea the man selling the jewellery from the other day came back to give us all our orders, he also engraved them for us for free. To thank us before he left he held a prize draw for 2 free necklaces Ellie and Leah were the winners. (Ed. It was a fix!!!!!)

As I am writing this now we are sat round a campfire enjoying biscuits and preparing for the travel day tomorrow. Everyone is enjoying themselves but we’re all missing home and can’t wait to see you all soon.

Quote of the day: We can’t remember any quotes so here’s an extract from Alex’s journal – a great night’s sleep aided by a fan, miraculous. I could sleep on it for days; I would rather carry the whole building with a working toilet system rather than my rucksack with tent.

Alice Hurren x

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