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Monday, 30 July 2012

Candle Wax Cures

26th July

Today was again an early start, the knock on our door woke us at 5:50 and within ten minutes we were out on the beach weeding. The job was a lot harder than you would expect but after an hour or so we headed back to Gilberth’s place for breakfast, Gilberths wife had prepared some rice for us and also some porridge water to drink... It was interesting.

Gilberth is a very prominent member of the community so around about 10 o’clock he took us for a tour around the whole of Ostional which is only actually 6km from one side to the other so we were only out for an hour. We then had a few hours to relax and it was decided that we should go for a swim! A few of us went down to the sea with Cliff, Taggart and Miss Booth and even though we could only go 20m in we still had a lot of fun, well until Ellie stood on a sea urchin. She was in a bit of pain at first but after Gilberth’s home treatment of pouring hot candle wax onto the cut and peeling it away, she was perfectly fine and happy. It was also today that we had our first major stomach upset however it was dealt with correctly so they were back to good health in no time.

Later we were sent to work, this time to collect driftwood, we did this for two reasons. The first being for our own personal use and the other reason was to clear the beach and make it easier for the turtle hatchlings to make their way to the sea safely. Although it wasn’t the most fun it was very rewarding to look back at the area and see it cleared as well as knowing we had helped, they call their project ADIO (Asociacion de Desarrollo Intergral de Ostional). After work we sat down to have tea which was rice and we also got a packet of crackers which were surprising nice. As everyone finished their meal and began to wash up the sun started to set so we all walked onto the beach to watch it together, we also took a few group photos.

As it got dark we set our bonfire alight and all sat round singing songs, not particularly well but it was a nice night, made even better by toasted marshmallows, biscuits and condensed milk. Even our hosts came to join us even though we must have looked a bit crazy with jenny leading us through a load of songs including Abba, campfire songs, Disney and any musical we could think of.  As the fire died down we went out to the beach again with Rodrigo and after walking to the end of the beach (3km away -.-) we saw nothing but on the way back we saw one turtle covering her eggs and making her way back to the sea. Whilst on the beach you can also see all the stars because the light pollution is limited here, it also allows us to see the Milky Way which is pretty damn amazing. We then went to sleep very tired in deed.

Hope everything is going good at home, missing everyone but having such a good time!

Love Emily Allen x

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