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Thursday, 26 July 2012

La Fortuna and the Rain

22nd July

Today was the first full day we had in La Fortuna. We woke bright and early (after a very hot and sweaty night) at 7.00am , ready to cook the breakfast. Whilst others packed their backpacks ready for our day trek, Jenny, Leah, Cliff and I cooked the breakfast-porridge (cliff’s awesome porridge), maple syrup and eggy bread, yum! We also made a new friend! Susie the dog, the campsite owner’s puppy, came to visit and have a play. She is very very cute but made everyone miss their pets even more! (Ed. L)

 Apart from the torrential rain during breakfast, everything was going rather well, we all collected our backpacks and set off to the Fortuna Waterfalls (admittedly later than planned). The trek there took a couple of hours and followed a long winding road with steep inclines up to the national park. It was a very humid day after the rainfall in the morning however, it created a lovely setting in the mountains; big heavy cloud surrounded the volcano in the distance. We envied the passing American tourists on horseback and in taxis however when we reached our destination, the walk was well worth it!

 The sparkling 70m ribbon of clear water cascaded down a beautiful canyon, which is surrounded by dense tropical foliage.  Many photographs later, we continued to walk around the photogenic scene to a clear blue pool of water. This was what we’ve been waiting for! We all stripped off, swimming costumes and shorts at the ready, and dived in. The water was very cold at first but we all soon got used to it and were soon swimming around like fishes (especially jenny and Danny of course). We all had a great time and had soon forgotten about the dreadful steep stairs we’d have to climb afterwards! After our refreshing midday dip, we all sat on the rocks and ate our chicken and cheese sandwiches and cereal bars whilst admiring the stunning scenery. After getting changed back into our sexy trek clothes, we climbed the stairs of doom. They were like the ones up the Whitby abbey but x100 and steep. We were all so relieved to reach the top and we all regrouped and took a last long look and the amazing waterfall.

The walk home was a lot easier as we walked downhill at a gentle pace. When we returned to camp we all split off into different groups to prepare for tonight’s meal and to wash our sweaty, dirty clothes. Whilst some went into town to get more supplies, others prepared the food and some took showers and washed and hung up the trek clothes. This was all part of our new ‘working together to plan ahead’ campaign as the morning had been particularly unorganised. (Ed. This makes Cliff a happy man J)

We sat down for tea just before 7pm and feasted on garlic potatoes and of course beanfeast! However, this meal was especially different as we had different varieties- chickpea and spicy! Taggart’s cooking group (Alex, Holly, Emily and Mr T) did exceptionally well and now were all excited for tomorrow’s new beanfeast creation!

It’s now only 8pm and we’re all so tired, partially due to the trek and the previous hot night. It’s been a long night of washing up and sorting out clothes, food etc. It’s mild weather now but I think everyone actually has their fingers crossed for some rain tonight to make us cooler! I think we’re all missing the British weather. Who would of thought?!

Missing everyone at home! But were all excited for tomorrow’s trek, we think..

Love Ella x

Ella Bloomfield

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