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Thursday, 26 July 2012

We´re on our way at last - Volcanoes here we come

Hello out there!  It’s Shaun on the blog for Saturday 21st July.  It was most defiantly a full day.  After waking up at about 7:30 we had the same breakfast as before (Laughing cheese sandwich and fruit, bit dull. Emily is no longer leader as that duty has been passed on to Sofia. We then took five taxis to the bus station in San Jose to get a four and a half hour bus ride to La Fortuna. 

It was a long journey and by the time we got to San Carlos, which is about in the middle of San Jose and La Fortuna, the bus was completely full!  During the journey we passed through mountain roads that lead us straight into the aptly named ‘cloud forest’!  By this time some of us were asleep while the others (me included) tried to play ‘I Spy’ despite the fact that we could only see about a meter away (Ed. “I spy with my little eye something starting with ‘C’ “ hahahaha)!  Surprisingly there were quite a few things to see (Jack was able to find five things to do with a fence). 

After getting off the bus and retrieving our luggage we decided to set off to camp.  Some confusion about which way we were to go ensued and the realisation the teachers and cliff were not going to make the decisions for us set the tone for our first real challenge.  After about half an hour of no-one knowing where to go we finally set off.  After not being sure if we were going the right way Cliff asked a shop keeper for directions who showed us the way very kindly.  We immediately set up camp and prepared to cook tea (I was among the cooking team and thankfully my cooking seemed ok!). 

Around the campsite which we have exclusive use of (its the garden of Nelson our host), all that can be heard is the sound of birds and many frogs!  However it is a beautiful place and I’m happy to sleep here.  There are a number of bats flying around and it rained during the night (I guess that’s why they call it a rain Forest). 

Now this trip is starting to feel real to all of us, now that we are sleeping in tents.  To finish off I want to wish a happy birthday to my youngest nephew Liam whose Two now (good luck to your mum)! 

Once again this has been Shaun, goodbye!

Shaun Laing

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