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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Cerro Chato in the Couds

23rd July

This morning was very much the same as the day before (Ed. but maybe 2 hours earlier :-(), we all woke up early and we had porridge and eggy bread for breakfast, the ground was very muddy as it had been raining most of the night. But when we woke up the sun was shining and it was a very hot and humid morning.

As everyone was getting ready for the day ahead, I was worried about the Cerro Chato trek, being so far away from home had hit me and I didn’t feel like I could do anything, even simply walking seemed like a hard task for me.

 As we set off I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the top. The first 3km seemed tough the day before so I was dreading doing the same walk again, especially because today seemed considerably warmer, and we knew it was a much longer and harder walk. The whole way to the entrance of the waterfall where we went yesterday I didn’t believe in myself, but with everyone’s support, especially Taggart staying with me the whole way and telling me I could do it. I probably got to the end because he bribed me with fanta and werthers originalsJ

As we reached the entrance we all sat down and we ate half of our dinner as the walk up took a lot of energy and everyone was very sweatyJ. We all got a werthers original and we were ready to go to the top. Well, until we saw the top! The walk to pay for entry to Cerro Chato was up a slight hill which seemed liked torture to our blistered and tired feet. As we all prepared to eventually make our way to the top, Mr Taggart finally lived up to his promise (slightly) as he bought me a bottle of coke! The way up was very steep and because it was humid and wet the ground was very slippy as a few people slipped trying to get closer to our goal. A viewing point had been set up half way to the volcano and the view was absolutely amazing. We decided that this would be the best place for eating the other half of our lunch, today we had a bigger lunch with TWO sandwiches, and there was quite a variety of sandwich fillers which was highly appreciated as I think cheese was starting to get boring.

As we were getting higher and higher we met people on the way which told us just another 20 minutes we were so relieved to hear that there was not long to go. Then we reached steps, lots and lots of steps. It seemed like we were going up steps for ever, I felt like giving up as the stairs were getting too much. The people we met earlier were definitely lying about the twenty minutes as it felt like we were climbing up stairs for days! As I started to lose faith and started to think that I would never make it to the top again, Cliff’s motivation and determination to get me to the top made me realise that I probably could do it and that just because I’m tired sweaty and I am unable to feel my feet, this doesn’t mean I should just quit, and turning around and giving up shouldn’t be the answer. I thought about how good I would feel getting to the top and I would prove people wrong by reaching the top of a volcano.

As I reached the final steps I could hear others who had already made it cheering me on as I climbed my last step. I have never felt so proud of myself for anything before, it was such a big achievement for everybody, as we all struggled in some way to make it up Cerro Chato.

As we descended down and back to our camp site we were all tired and looking forward to food and a good night of sleep. Going down was so much easier than on the way up and we probably made it back a quarter of the time it took to get there. As we reached the final stretch of the way home, darkness hit and we had to walk home with our head torches.

We were all so thankful for reaching our beds for the night! And we could finally cook. Myself, Sophia, Ellie, Danny and Miss booth were cooking tonight and we put as much veg inn to make a very hearty meal as we all deserved it. By time we had finished eating and washing, the group was very tired and we all needed to sleep!

Overall it was such a good day and I can’t believe I climbed a volcano!! I don’t think we would all be able to make it without the support that everyone has given each other, everyone sticking together makes me realise how amazing our group actually is!

I honestly thank the whole group so much for helping me every step of the way and getting me to the goal, and bringing my spirit up.

I’m missing everyone at homeL

Steffi x

Steffi stough

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