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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Mt Mitake

Today was the last of our ‘training’ treks and the boys did us all proud.

The route up can be made easy with a bus to the cable car and then a cable car to the top...that’s right that would be no fun! We walked all the way from the train station to the top which took around two and half hours.  The trail proper starts near to the cable car station and immediately goes upwards on a steep gradient. The gradient only eased up once or twice for the boys to take on water and some essential calories to fuel them all the way. The whole day today was about becoming mentally strong...the route up Mt Fuji will require a positive attitude as well as some resilience.

After passing the top station of the cable car the route follows a series of steps to the shrine at the top.  The boys made it safely to the shrine and enjoyed a bite to eat while having a well earned rest.

We decided as a group that not a great deal could be gained from a march back down the mountain and some members of the group were very pleased when we bought tickets to descend via the cable car...something about toenails or something...

We leave our Pods tomorrow to go to another hostel in Tokyo...we have  another day of ‘rest’ and then it’s Mt Fuji!!!!   The boys are ready!n

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