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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Making Way for Tropical Cyclone Prapiroon

Hi Everyone...

No video today I’m afraid as we were unable to use the camera where we were today...more of that later.

So as I’m sure you are aware (parents you should have/be receiving an email from outlook Expeditions), if you’re not I’m about to tell you, we have had to change our plans due to a tropical cyclone (what we in the Northern hemisphere would call a hurricane) which has impacted on our planned trekking adventure in the Japanese Alps,

We decided, rather than move on from our current location in Nagoya we would spend another day here and the boys decided a visit to Nagashima Water Park was on the cards.  We were gobsmacked by the sheer size of not only the water park but the adjoining theme park too, MASIVE!  We certainly expended some energy with the numerous flumes and slides.  I would just like to mention that I was the winner of the fastest descent on the surf slide...Mr Carson and Mr MacMillan were left licking their wounds, the boys also didn’t want to discuss the race :-) .

Tonight there wasn’t much complaint about a 9.30PM reunion back at the hostel following food and currently writing this the boys are all playing cards and chess. I think their bed will be calling soon.

The change in plans has brought a new dimension to the adventure the boys are currently experiencing and in some respects not a lot we can do about it...but I would certainly say its a learning experience.

We are all very happy and the next phase of our journey will be based around the Tokyo area, which is about the safest place to be with regards to the Cyclone...and the big bonus is we get to travel on the Shinkansen (bullet ) train again.

Here are a few random photos of our travels over the past couple of days...

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