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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Experiencing the Ancient Capital City of Kyoto

Well folks we must apologise for the tardiness of our Vloging and Bloging. We have just had three wonderful days trying to take in the splendid of  the wonderful city of Kyoto (an impossible task by the way). We certainly feel like we’ve experienced Japanese temples now and our senses have been bombarded by smells, flavours and spectacular sights from every direction we’ve turned!  The night visit to the Gion District left us a little confused with its narrow streets full of restaurants and lanterns hanging almost from every door. Yesterday we went to see the Bamboo forest which left a few of us underwhelmed, mainly due to the sharing of this beautiful place with hundreds if not thousands of others. We have also been treated to some spectacular gardens and temples with a slight aroma of incense following us down every path and corridor.


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