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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Mt Fuji ascent

It is my absolute pleasure to inform everyone that all members of our group (16 in total) have last night and this morning successfully reached the summit of Japan’s highest peak Mt Fuji (3776 metres). The boys did really well walking to the Mountain hut yesterday at a height of 3100m and then spending a kind of sleepless rest until it was time to set off for the summit bid. This was 12 midnight and motivation was pretty low alround but as I’d been telling the boys, it’s all a big head game... plod plod step step.  The simmit slowly got closer until we were there!!! An amazing feeling and I’m not going to mention his name but one boy shed a little tear... you’ll have to ask if it was yours.

The return to 5th station  and descent off the hill went pretty much uneventfully, but the 1.5 km gradual hill right at the very end was an absolute soul destroyer.

We are all now back in Tokyo ensconced in our hostel for the very last night in this fantastic city and country!

What a life changing trip this has been for the boys...

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