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Thursday, 9 August 2012

San Isidro - Manuel Antonio

7th August

Yet another early start for yet another travel day. However today we travelled to our rest and relaxation destination, Manuel Antonio. It is totally wonderful here and we (the girls) have our own private bungalow! We got onto an average bus and made a breakfast of peanut butter and jam sandwiches, easier said than done when 17 people are spread over a sea of random passengers and their bags. Five hours later we arrived in Quepos for a lunch of subway :-)

After we had devoured this amazing treat we shopped a little for souvenirs which I’m sure everyone looks forward to receiving! Then went to our hostel to find out about the fortunate room arrangements and cooked our last ever meal of Costa Rican bean feast and rice in our own kitchen  Me and my food team then went out to buy pancakes for breakfast the next morning purely because we have the facilities here to make them. To improve the evening even more we later booked our rest and relaxation activity, a boat trip around the coast of the local area and snorkelling with the fish in the coral reef. Later tomorrow we have the option of a night walk to see the wildlife of the surrounding area’s national park which I can’t wait for, it will be incredible I’m sure. As everyone was leaving to settle down for the night we saw the most amazing thunder storm which lit up the entire pitch black sky today light and deafened us with the sounds of the thunder and the crack of lightening. It carried on into the night but no one seemed to have trouble sleeping in such good spirits. It’s has been a tiring day but with so much to look forward to tomorrow I doubt people will mind even more early start.

Jenny Gibson :-)

P.s Really can’t wait to see everyone now! Not long left, love you all :-) xoxoxoxox

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