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Thursday, 2 August 2012

A day in the life of Grange

Well today was a mixture of feelings I woke up fairly late which was a nice change, but then Miss Booth knocked on the boy’s door whilst I was using the toilet, which was awkward because everyone else was asleep. I then got a relatively cold shower which is something I will never get used to. We were then told we had to change room from a big dorm between the four of us to two rooms. Jack and Shaun went first so they took the room with two single beds, thus me and Danny were stuck with a honeymoon style room, but I don’t think he’s gay so that’s ok! The room is fairly small and compact which makes the job of packing our rucksacks for the main trek very difficult. Then I was told my parents had wired me money since I had lost it all at Heathrow on the way here. So I then set off to the bank only to find they have no western union meaning I can’t get to my money until later, so don’t worry parents I will get it in the near future. After that nothing happened really. I packed my bag a bit and went out occasionally, but other than that nothing happened until 4. At 4 we met our tour guides, they seem alright apart from the fact he doesn’t say if animals are in the jungle he only admits they exist, which we already knew. Then after that nothing happened apart from I got Berta (the owner of cabins the corner) to clean a bag of my clothes which was good only 1500 (of Danny’s) colones for 1 kilo of clothes, which I thought was good apart from the fact she just gave them to a random kid on a bike but I did get them back as fresh as possible. After that we went out for tea with the travel money for tomorrow which we aren’t using as we’re hiking everywhere, I got surf and turf which was amazing; in contrast to the vegetarian everything we’ve had whilst being out here. We got back fairly late and now I’m writing this whilst finishing packing. Notable points for you guys at home, I am kind of missing home like the guidance and support of parents. Also don’t dare give us rice or porridge once we’re home!

 (Ed. we're just departing for our main trek folks back in contact in 4 days time....)
Alex Grange

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