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Friday, 10 August 2012

Final Blog From Costa Rica

We’re ready for home – Final Blog

Hi everyone,

It’s getting close to the 11th (the date not the hour) now folks! We’re expecting tears of joy as well as high-pitched screams as we file off the bus one by one (Ed. and that’s just from Mr Taggart ) and we hope you don’t mind our smell. We hope that you have all missed us as much as we have missed you!

Parents please note:

Our expected time of arrival in Middlesbrough is 20.50 on Saturday 11th August. Please note you may need to check with Megabus that we are actually on time. It is also worth mentioning/reminding you that the bus station in Middlesbrough is temporarily closed and the temporary stop is now in the car park next to Sainsburys and opposite Nevisport.

Everyone has prepared a list of things (demands) they would like upon their return to home/UK...Enjoy the appreciation you get while it lasts :-)...

1. Holly Laing

To the whole Laing clang; Stu, Sheila, Ben, Jess, Amy, Brian, Madge and Norman, Miss you lots and I can’t wait to see you all again. I know I won’t see all of you straight away but I will defo’s give you a ring! Please don’t be late picking me up from the megabus stop in Middlesbrough, unless you’re buying Indian or a London pizza for me to eat then I will understand,(Shalimar all the way like !) hint hint! ;) keep stocked up on co-co pops and milk and be prepared for your smelly child. Love you all lots and lots, hope you’ll enjoy my gifts for you all. I expect the slow run and then the big embrace when we meet halfway mam! Mwah. Xxxxxx

P.S Jess Marie Johnson if I come back and my room is a mess you have to empty and clean my rucksack full of foisty mud filled clothing! :-) Love you, miss you all loads chick (spec you ;) – jokes other siblings, I love you all the same!)

2. Alice Hurren

To all my family, I hope you are all doing well and I can’t wait to see you all, but it won’t be long now! It seems like ages since I’ve seen you all and I’m looking forward to tell you about everything I’ve done. For tea when I get home a Indian or a Chinese would be perfect. And if you have time one of your massive Victoria sponge cakes would be amazing (Ed. apparently double mix is required for this??? :-)). Make sure we have some McCoy’s cheese and onion crisps in and can you try and get some strawberry cheesecake Ben and Jerry’s (I’ve been craving it for weeks!).

Finally make sure you pack a pedicure set for Spain because my feet are gross! I miss you all and can’t wait to see you on Sunday! Love you loads, Alice xxxxxx

3. Beth Roberts

To the fam, I hope you have been able to cope without me, but not too well, I am looking forward to hearing about what you have been up to. I am also excited to tell you about what I’ve been doing. I am sad to be leaving Costa Rica I wish you could be here instead of me having to come home :-). I have a few requests, I have been craving unexpected things such as vegetables (shock!) so would really like to have Megs thai green curry with naan’s and rice or Meg’s chicken tika massala please, I know it will be late when I get in but I will be hungry! I would also really like it if Archie could pick me up from the station because I miss him so so so much! I miss you all too but there’s been dogs here (Ed. I had to tear her away from each one!) that remind me of him and they’re just not the same! I Can’t wait to see you! Please don’t be late! I love you all, kisses for arch! Mwah Joycey and Daddy!! Xxxxxxxxxxx

4. Ellie Bourner

Hi everyone, well it’s almost time for me to come home and see you all. I must say I am very excited to be coming back and to be able to show you all the places I have been and the things I have seen. I just have a few things to say now, as I’d rather save the rest for face to face, but anything food related simply cannot wait. Please make sure that there is plenty of Lurpak in the fridge for me and tasty bread to have toast when I get in. I would also like Special K with milk (there has been no cereal or fresh milk here!) and I also look forward to any home baking which may be on offer :-) plus, I have been having massive cravings for fruit while over here, such as crunchy apples, grapes, peaches and bananas and although I have found the Costa Rican fruit delicious, it really doesn’t compare to what I am used to back home. That’s about it really, I’m excited for English food in general! Just a few more days now and you get to have me back, (Ed. I’ve done my stint ;-) lol) I hope you haven’t missed me too much. I have lots of nice souvenirs for you and really can’t wait to sleep in my own bed. See you soon!

Lots of love Ellie xxxxxxxxx

5. Sophia Bennett

Hey Mum, Dad, Tommy and Holly! Can’t believe there’s only two days left, it’s gone really quick! Hope you don’t mind giving up your three weeks of luxury without me messing the house up mum, I seriously appreciate everything you do so much more now that I’ve had to cook, clean and organise (Ed. yeah she did well on the day she did it ;-).... Joking lol) everything on my own without you being here. It’s been the most amazing experience of my life I wish you could have seen everything I’ve seen, it has been worth every penny! But I can’t wait to be home to the modern world with my phone and more importantly milk. THEY DON’T SELL IT HERE. Please have the fridge full when I’m home, I’m having withdrawal! I am so excited to see you all on Saturday night, with a Chinese take away (Hint) and to have a good night’s sleep in my own bed. I love you all so much, and I’ll see you soon! Love Sophia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

6. Leah Samuels

Hello mam, dad, Jordan, Beth and Luke! It’s almost the time where I get to see you now :-) I’ve got to say I have had the best experience of my life here. But I’m ready to come home to see you and tell you everything I’ve been up to and the fears I have conquered! I’ve missed having all of my luxury items so so much, I need my big fluffy comfortable bed! Oh, and I have a few requests for you to have in the house for when I get home. They are to have some Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream and Chicago town pizzas in the freezer, and some mini marshmallows for a well needed whittards white hot chocolate! And for my drink I would like a chocolate fudge brownie frij milkshake (you know the one I like) I really can’t wait to see you’s at the bus stop! I’m so excited to see you. I love you all so much! See you soon. Leah :-) xx

7. Alex Grange

Hi guys I was wondering if we could go to the Hamilton Russell and maybe talk about the expedition over a pub meal (Ed. I doubt it will be open for food after 2100hrs Alex)? If we do don’t forget to invite over Gran & Granddad for the meal as well so I’m not telling my tales twice. Also I’m sorry but there’s not much of the money you wired left thanks to souvenirs and a good hammock for the garden, so maybe a bit of DIY for dad there? Also I’ve took plenty of pictures and kept my journal up to date so plenty of stuff there. But also some stuff was wrecked by the jungle and is impractical to bring back so I binned it which also makes room for the souvenirs. I’ll be thinking of home and try not to hate me too much for losing my original money; at least I’m coming back in one piece and I am extremely grateful for the wired money.

8. Jenny Gibson

Hi Everyone!!

Well I have had an incredible time and I totally can’t wait to tell you all of the stories I have. I would really love to go to TGI’s to tell the tales and eat a proper veggie meal, however when I get home top of the list has to be regular none UHT or powdered milk and real digestive biscuits, maybe Yorkshire puddings? Have some pretty cool gifts for you all too providing I can get them through US customs... Hahaha :-) (Ed. if she’s not on the bus at Middlesbrough you know where she’ll be lol) I did take my trek clothes to the laundrette to save you a bit of hassle but you can still really smell the jungle and ermm hard work in them, trust me they are a vast improvement but I will still say sorry now in advance. Can’t wait to get back to our lovely home and back into the pool too. Also a warm shower will be a great novelty to have back, not a stinky bath because it will just be too gross :-)I miss you all tonnes and love you loads and will see you soon!! :D

LOVE YOU ALL!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

9. Emily Allen

To all the Allen’s, I hope you’ve been reading this blog so that you know how much of an amazing time I’ve had! I know it was so much work, time, effort and money to get me here but trust me when I say it’s been so worth it. I have so much to tell you guys about and my camera actually managed to survive the jungle so I have a ton of photos to show you too. I hope you are all well and have had a good start to the summer holidays; I look forward to hearing about everything you’ve been up to. Just a heads up, my clothes and I don’t exactly smell too great so just be wary when meeting me for the first time in Middlesbrough and I promise to help wash the smell out of everything when I get home. On another note everyone seems to be requesting foods in their messages home but I’m not really too fussed on what I get because I literally feel like I have been starved for the majority of the 3 weeks (Ed. even after her 3 helpings to EVERY meal! kidding!), however some sausages might be nice? But if you had another food planned I’m happy with that too . (Ed. I think she’s a hungry girl) I’ve really missed you guys and just being in our mad house but even more than wanting to be home I’ve wanted you all to be here with me so that you could experience the same things as me because you would have all loved different aspects of the expedition. Anyway I will see you all soon, Love you all, say Hi to Nanna and Eric for me too xxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.s Expect a bit of sun burn...

10. Ella Bloomfield

Hello to all the family!

I’ll keep this short and sweet because I know you’ll be dying to hear everything when I get home! I’ve had such a wonderful experience in Costa Rica and sad to be leaving such an amazing and beautiful country! But I can’t wait to see you all on Saturday, I’ve missed everyone so much (mostly millsie though)! Obviously, I’ve missed the luxuries Billingham has to offer so PPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEAAASSSSEEEEEEEEEEE could you hold out a bit on tea and wait to have a nice family Chinese with me? Hint..

Ooooh and mum, could you buy me some nice smellies for the bath because I stink and I’m missing my tub. In return, I’ll give you my foisty, damp rainforest trek clothes to wash, you lucky things!

Counting down the hours until I see you in sunny Middlesbrough! LOADS OF LOVE ELLA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (lysyldy)

11. Steffi Stough

To everyone at home, I know you have all been reading this because you have been missing me so much I bet you can’t wait to have me home. I can’t wait to show you all my pictures and tell you about everything, by the end you will probably be sick of listening to me or something! Please make me something amazing for tea, but no rice or beans please. I also better have a fridge full of vanilla milk because I’ve been wanting some the whole holiday!

I’ve left some nice foisty clothes for you to wash mam, so prepare yourself!

I’d say you better be early but I know you will be cause dad will be picking me up too

See you very soon, love you all!

(Ed. she’s coming home a different girl ...The girl done good!)

From Steffi xxxxxxxxxx

12. Danny Marshall

Hi to everyone at home! Just wanted to say that we’ve had an amazing time and can’t wait to get home to tell you all about it. Please make sure that there is something great waiting for me to get home (Chinese takeaway) and a freezer full of nice ice cream! Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


13. Shaun Laing

Hello home. It’s been a great trip but there’s nothing left to do and I’m ready to be at home in a nice warm bed! There’s not much food wise I want but some fish fingers for a simple tea and the biggest stottie from food for thought and plenty of sausages and bacon. I’m saving the stories till Sunday to tell everyone to save my breath. Make sure there’s an air freshener in the car (it will be needed).


14. Jack Beckwith

Hello to everyone at home. Hope you’ve been having as good a time in Wales as I have here (doubt it). I can now say the word, so Katie won’t be happy! Lots of amazing stories to tell, make sure King Col comes to Boro with you’s (don’t bring Ollie, don’t want him (or me) making a scene!) I would like a roast dinner on Sunday, but if you could have some chocolate cake in the house ready, that would be fab. I’m also bringing back some bean feast for you to try, just try to hold back the enthusiasm for it!

See you all soon, Jack

15. Miss B

It’s been an amazing adventure, there are some not-so-amazing smells and it will be amazing to be back home. Hope there’s a G&T at BC and maybe some home baking at YSH! Sending you lots of love and see you soon xx

16. Mr T

Not a bad trip at all. Have Newcastle signed anyone yet? Can the landlord of The Red Lion pub, Norton please re-open my tab. Egg Ell – pick the towels off the bathroom floor, empty the bin and stop taping BBQ University. Muth & Fatha – remember to get Coco... See you all soon.

17. Cliff Lowther

My usual please! :-) Indian, Granddaughter, Dog, Ben & Jerry’s Caramel chew chew and please have a starbucks Vanilla Frappachino ready to go ....Thank you and see you soon x

Thats it folks...see you in a few hours.

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