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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sailing and jungle night walks

8th August

The first day of R&R started off well, we woke up to Ellie, Ella, Sophia, Leah and Jenny cooking pancakes and there was enough for us all to have three each. I usually can only manage two at most but I got a bit carried away and had three. It probably wasn’t the best idea considering that today’s R&R activity was a boat trip.

After breakfast we got on our bus to take us to Quepos, it was a short journey and we were soon walking to the port. While walking someone spotted a sloth hanging from a telephone wire over the road, it was just sleeping while hanging from the wire (Ed. as you can see from the photo it looks like a child’s soft toy...we were reassured when we saw its lips moving...a very strange sight which caught us off guard at that time of the morning)

We got to the port on time and had a while to sit and enjoy the sun (Ed. there was a reason why some had time to sit and enjoy the sun as the person who was responsible for the cash ($700.00) had left it on her bed back at the three of us took a taxi back and collected the funds) until we could set off. Most people were actually sat in the toilet because it was air conditioned and it was too hot outside. We set off at half eight and it didn’t take long until we were out in the pacific looking at the stunning coast line. It was great on the boat there was free drinks, we had music playing and the sun was shining. It was absolutely perfect. However a few people did find it more nauseating than others.

After a while of sailing and sunbathing the crew spotted something in the water ahead. After moving closer we realised it was two dolphins, we managed to see them really close as they started swimming around the boat. After the dolphins had swum away we sailed closer to the coast again so that we could do some snorkelling. I got a bit panicked by the fish at first as there were loads swimming around us, but after while I calmed down and started to enjoy it with everyone else.

We then moved closer to the boat and we were allowed to dive off the boat into the sea. There were some pretty good jumps, Holly did a back flip, Danny did a racing dive and Alex attempted to do a somersault but failed miserably and ended up doing a belly flop. (Ed. We’ll not mention who won the underwater swimming competition :-))

After swimming we had our lunch on the boat, it was rice, vegetables and chicken or fish, I had the chicken and it was really nice. We then had another twenty minutes sailing back to the port. Overall it was a really good morning and it was a great R&R activity.

We then walked back to Quepos and had time to go shopping! We found a really nice market and there were some great souvenirs in the shops.

We had a while to chill out when we got back to Manuel Antonio so people had time to have showers, pack their bags or play cards. At half five we went to a little restaurant down the road where we sat on a balcony overlooking the tropical forest. The food was really nice and we all left with happy bellies!

That night we had a choice of whether we went on a wildlife night tour or if we wanted to have an early night. Eleven people decided to come out on the walk and it was defiantly the right decision. (Ed. Agreed!) We saw gladiator frogs, bull frogs, red eye tree frogs, glass frogs, Caymens, crocodiles, a boa constrictor and loads of different types of fresh water turtles (Ed. you forgot to mention the snake eating the frog...distressing but fascinating). The highlight for me though was at the end when Emilio (the guide) showed us some baby crocodiles and turtles. They were really cute and we were even allowed to stoke their backs. (Ed. one of the highlights of this trip for me)

I would say we made the most out of our day of R&R and now we’re all preparing for the journey home!

We’ve had a great time and can’t wait to see you all soon!

Alice Hurren x

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