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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Learn To Climb - Northumbria University (Thursday group)

Today was the start of another of the successful courses I've been running at the Northumbria University in Newcastle. The students attend five weeks two hours per week and at the finish are competent enough and armed with enough skills to climb at any wall in the country without supervision.

Today I introduced the students to the basics of climbing movement, and to some basic equipment and how it is to be used. The five candidates were very enthusiastic which made it a pleasure to be instructing them. It’s going to be nice to see how this lot progress over the next five weeks…I hope their arms are not too tired in the morning.

Anyone can join these courses (non-students included) simply by contacting the University’s Participation Sport Manager, Taryn Archbold. Cost is £35 for students who are non-members of the university and £50 for everyone else….not a bad deal considering.

Taryn’s contact details are as follows:

0191 243 7349


The Gang getting to grips with the basics of tying a Figure of 8 knot

 The 'Bell Ringer' Belay method is a great way to get everyone involved!

 Melissa showing how the New York girls do it with a smile

 Marina enjoying herself

 Sophie atentively being safegarded by Melissa

 Simon helping Maya with her knot....better luck next time eh Si!

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