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Monday, 24 January 2011

CWA Training Course - Sunderland (Evening one)

Tonight was the first of a three evening Climbing Wall Award course and a full one to boot! Based out of the fantastic facility of Sunderland Wall the candidates were introduced to the rudiments of climbing instruction. Warm-up, tying in and belaying were all discussed in deatail. As well as this candidates were also asked to take falls while climbing and the belayer was asked to tie of the belay plate. All in all a good evening with an enthusiastic bunch. I'm looking forward to working with them all tomorrow night. :)

 Two of the ladies getting to grips with some unfamiliar belay devices

 Good belay demonstrations a basuc requirement for CWA

 Jennifer demonstrating one of the methods to tie off a belay plate

 Adam.....demonstrating....erh?????   Not so sure actually lol

Ruth trying another method for tying off a belay plate

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