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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Evening 2 - CWA Training - Sunderland Wall

We were back at the Sunderland Wall again tonight for the second day of the CWA.  We looked at movement skills and centre of balance and ways to help improve and keep our clients happy.  This involved playing games and having a bit of fun.  All the exercises/games are designed to improve a particular aspect of a novices climbing, whether through climbing more efficiently, gaining strength or just improving technique generally.  I thinkk the 'Getting Dressed' exercise and the 'Amputee' game were by far the favourites.  Coaching was also a major component tonight and we looked at how as a coach we can use the mnemonics 'IDEAS' and 'EDICT' top help deliver little teaching sessions.

All in all a good night at a very busy Sunderland Wall

 Ruth getting to grips (or not) with centre of balance

 Sam demonstrating good straight arm technique...while 'Getting Dressed'

 Adam half way through getting the shorts on....nice face (AGAIN) Adam

 John showing everyone what they should be wearing down at the wall these days!

 Happy campers or better still......climbers :-)

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